foster brooks roasts don rickles

Decades later, “The Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts” are still some of the best shows that ever aired on television.

Hollywood A-listers of the day wanted to attend, and everyone wanted to watch these hilarious episodes that had stars making fun of the man of the hour.

Foster Brooks was always a crowd favorite. His gentlemanly act, portraying a man who had a lot to say after being overserved, never disappointed audiences.

Every appearance was hilarious, but when he served it up to Don Rickles, Brooks really upped his game. At this 1974 roast, Don Rickles really got a taste of his own medicine!

Foster Brooks Never Met Don Rickles

Foster Brooks claimed that he had never met Don Rickles before, but they had an indirect relationship.

He turned the tables on Mr. Warmth by claiming he was having an affair with Mrs. Rickles, who he also called Mrs. Pickles!

Brooks let Don know that the man of the hour was also out of scotch at home.

He also asked Rickles to buy some pretzels when he bought some more scotch.

Don Rickles never took himself very seriously, so he was laughing quite a bit, but nobody appeared to be laughing harder than Dean Martin!

Brooks asked Rickles to keep the affair a secret because they were trying to be discreet. 

He also said the pair watched Rickles on television together. They didn’t like it when he finished his set because that meant Rickles would be home soon.

Watch the video below to laugh and see how Foster Brooks met Mrs. Rickles.


Rickles didn’t get upset at Foster Brooks’ jokes. Those were the days when people could take a joke.

These stars wouldn’t get upset over comedy.

Humor Is Sanitized Today

In today’s environment, these comments wouldn’t fly because liberal Hollywood has sanitized humor.

The left would claim Foster was offensive to Mrs. Rickles and alcoholics. I miss the days when people could laugh at themselves.

This was good natured fun!

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