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don rickles billy crystal
February 22, 2024
Don Rickles entertained us for decades. Mr. Warmth graced us with his insults well past retirement age. He was an equal opportunity offender.
Alison Krauss
February 20, 2024
Bluegrass-Country star Alison Krauss sings like an angel in this performance of ‘Down To The River To Pray” with the Berklee Gospel Ensemble.
Tim Conway Harvey Korman
February 16, 2024
In this skit from The Carol Burnette Show, Harvey Korman and Tim Conway are an undercover couple. Harvey can’t help but laugh as Tim is dressed as a woman.
Rodney Dangerfield Las Vegas
February 15, 2024
Rodney Dangerfield’s self-deprecating style of comendy is something many of us can relate to, even someone as cool as Dean Martin couldn’t stop laughing.
Tom Selleck
February 14, 2024
Tom Selleck is a rarity in Hollywood. He’s┬áseen as a sex symbol for decades, but there is a lot more to him than a pretty face and a well-groomed mustache.
Big Ginge missing cat pet reunion returns home after decade pet reunion
Big Ginge YouTube screenshot
November 19, 2021
A cat by the name of Big Ginge who was missing for an entire decade returned home to her owners thanks to her microchip.
Don Rickles Milton Berle
Source: Don Rickles Milton Burle screenshot via YouTube
September 2, 2021
Don Rickles did not hold back when he roasted Milton Berle and Jerry Lewis at the Friars Club in 1971 – no one was safe from his digs.
Carol Burnett skit
Source: Screenshot of The Carol Burnett Show via YouTube
July 29, 2021
Tim Conway sure has tough time in this skit when Carol Burnett lists the side effects of the medication both he and Harvey Korman are taking.
America's Got Talent dance team
Source: Screenshots via America's Got Talent YouTube Channel
July 26, 2021
The dance team of Pasha and Aliona set to perform on America’ Got Talent took an unexpected turn when one member didn’t show up for the audition.
Jeff Dunham party tips fireworks safety puppets Achmed Bubba J
Source: YouTube Screenshot
July 12, 2021
Jeff Dunham turns to puppets Achmed and Bubba J for party safety tips on drinking and lighting fireworks in two hilarious videos.
National Anthem Black Rifle Coffee
Source: Black Rifle Coffee National Anthem Screenshot via YouTube
July 1, 2021
Veteran-owned Black Rifle Coffee’s version of the National Anthem using Second Amendment firepower instead of music will blow you away!
Tilly missing dog border collie car accident
Source: Tilly photo courtesy of Linda Oswald on Facebook; sheep photo courtesy of dew drop 157 via Creative Commons
July 1, 2021
Tilly, a border collie mix, went missing after a car accident only to be found days later herding sheep less than two miles away.
Peeping Tom Texas shot by parents
Screenshots via YouTube
July 1, 2021
A dad shot a peeping Tom who was caught fondling himself while looking into a 10-year-old girl’s bedroom window.
Toby Keith Old School new song summer
Source: Toby Keith photo courtesy ofU.S. Navy photo by Journalist 2nd Class Brandan W. Schulze via Wikimedia
June 30, 2021
Toby Keith’s upbeat new song “Old School” that was just released might quickly become this summer’s favorite Country hit.
teacher critical race theory
Source: Megan Geha screenshots via Twitter
June 25, 2021
Iowa teacher Megan Geha’s viral videos about her activism in the classroom are shocking parents across the country.
Jeff Dunham Biden
Source: Jeff Dunham's Joe Biden Press Conference screenshot via YouTube
June 23, 2021
Walter plays the perfect Joe Biden in Jeff Dunham’s version of a Joe Biden press conference. The media will NOT be happy!
Seven-year-old hero Chase
Source: Chase, Abigail, and Steven Poust screenshots via YouTube
June 1, 2021
A seven-year-old Florida boy is being lauded a hero after swimming to shore to get help for his dad and sister who were trapped in a current.
Carol Burnett Show Martha Ray
Source: Carol Burnett Show screenshots with Carol Burnett, Martha Raye, and Tim Conway via YouTube
May 28, 2021
Legendary comedic actress Martha Raye joins Carol Burnett and Tim Conway in this hilarious 1968 skit titled “Mothers In The Park.”