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A mom first and conservative Christian second, Erin credits a midwestern upbringing and deep military roots for her no-nonsense perspective on life and family in America today.

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don rickles billy crystal
February 22, 2024
Don Rickles entertained us for decades. Mr. Warmth graced us with his insults well past retirement age. He was an…
Alison Krauss
February 20, 2024
Bluegrass-Country star Alison Krauss sings like an angel in this performance of 'Down To The River To Pray" with the…
Tim Conway Harvey Korman
February 16, 2024
In this skit from The Carol Burnette Show, Harvey Korman and Tim Conway are an undercover couple. Harvey can't help…
Red Skelton
February 15, 2024
Red Skelton entertained Americans for decades. Watch Red's hilarious performance on The Ed Sullivan Show. Even Red had to laugh…
Rodney Dangerfield Las Vegas
February 15, 2024
Rodney Dangerfield's self-deprecating style of comendy is something many of us can relate to, even someone as cool as Dean…
Tom Selleck
February 14, 2024
Tom Selleck is a rarity in Hollywood. He's┬áseen as a sex symbol for decades, but there is a lot more…
John Wayne Stalin KGB
John Wayne Stalin KGB
February 13, 2024
Six great facts you probably never knew about John Wayne.
Maureen O'Hara
February 7, 2024
In 1945, Maureen O'Hara risked her career by speaking out strongly against Hollywood's casting couch and executives who sexually harassed…
Don Rickles Milton Berle
Source: Don Rickles Milton Burle screenshot via YouTube
September 2, 2021
Don Rickles did not hold back when he roasted Milton Berle and Jerry Lewis at the Friars Club in 1971…
K-9 Officer Kuno
Source: K9 Kuno photo courtesy of Lake Michigan Police K9 Association; Jacob Bender screenshot via YouTube
July 30, 2021
A Michigan man who stabbed a K-9 officer was fatally shot by police. Listen to his cousin voice her support…
Carol Burnett skit
Source: Screenshot of The Carol Burnett Show via YouTube
July 29, 2021
Tim Conway sure has tough time in this skit when Carol Burnett lists the side effects of the medication both…
Kelly Clarkson divorce support
Source: Kelly Clarkson Brandon Blackstock screenshot via YouTube
July 29, 2021
Kelly Clarkson filed for divorce from Brandon Blackstock last year and a judged ordered her to pay him almost $200,000…
James Van Der Beek Texas
Source: James Van Der Beek family photos courtesy of James Van Der Beek Instagram
July 28, 2021
James and Kimberly Van Der Beek moved their family of seven from Hollywood to Texas in search of a better…
police officer World War II veteran
Source: Screenshot of Mt. Vernon Police Officer Newman Brazier via YouTube
July 28, 2021
An Alabama police officer crossed jurisdictions and stood in the pouring rain to pay respects to a recently deceased World…
Matt Roloff Amy's wedding
Source: Screenshot custom, YouTube and Instagram
July 26, 2021
Matt Roloff is determined to finish building a large barn on the Roloff Farm in time for Amy and Chris'…
America's Got Talent dance team
Source: Screenshots via America's Got Talent YouTube Channel
July 26, 2021
The dance team of Pasha and Aliona set to perform on America' Got Talent took an unexpected turn when one…
Cleveland Indians new name
Source: Chief Wahoo photo courtesy of Hawk Eyes via Creative Commons; Guardians Logo via MLB Twitter
July 23, 2021
Next season, the Cleveland Indians will use their new name since cancel culture targeted the team for a politically correct…