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The Dean Martin Roasts were must see TV in the 1960s and 70s. Foster Brooks was a staple on the dais and everyone waited to see what he would say. He didn’t much care for being polite. Foster Brooks was there to light up the crowd and that’s exactly what he did when he roasted Jackie Gleason.

Decades later, these specials are still some of the best shows that ever aired on television.

Hollywood A-listers of the day wanted to attend, and everyone wanted to watch these hilarious episodes that had stars making fun of the man of the hour.

Foster Brooks Was Over Served

Foster Brooks’ gentlemanly act, portraying a man who had a lot to say after being over served, never disappointed audiences.

He took Dean Martin’s drunk routine, tossed gasoline on it, and lit a match.

Brooks was so fun that it’s impossible not to laugh at his routines a lifetime later.

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Those were the days when people could take a joke. These stars wouldn’t get upset over comedy.

In today’s environment, these comments wouldn’t fly because liberal Hollywood has sanitized humor.


Jackie Gleason was no stranger to comedy.

As a television pioneer on “The Honeymooners,” he was one of the first actors to bring laughter into our homes on the newly introduced small screen.

For the Roast, Foster Brooks was Gleason’s very drunk personal doctor. Of course, he targeted in on Gleason’s weight.

Brooks doesn’t believe Gleason is fat though, rather the large belly is caused by pregnancy. 

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A-List Celebrities At The Dean Martin Roasts

The entire crowd of A-List celebrities of the day erupted in laughter, especially Dean Martin. Jackie Gleason could take a joke, even at his own expense so he joined in as well.

Being roasted by Hollywood’s best was a honor. You left your hurt feelings at the door.

Nobody got their ego bruised, not even the Man of the Hour!

Watch the video below for a trip down memory lane when comedy was actually fun!

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