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Foster Brooks Dean Martin
Source: Foster Brooks Dean Martin Roast screenshot via YouTube
May 5, 2021
Dean Martin couldn't keep it together when Foster Brooks brought the house down while roasting Dan Rowan and Dick Martin.
Foster Brooks Jackie Gleason Dean Martin Celebrity roast classic comedyRoast
November 3, 2020
The Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts always meant lots of laughter. Foster Brooks never disappointed, especially when he roasted Jackie Gleason.
Dean Martin Foster Brooks Ed Asner Ted Knight
February 14, 2020
When Foster Brooks roasted Ted Knight, he stumbled his way to the podium before falling down in drunken and disorderly…
Foster Brooks Dean Martin Muhammad Ali Sherman Hemsley Isabel Sanford
Source: Foster Brooks Dean Martin Muhammad Ali Sherman Hemsley Isabel Sanford
December 29, 2019
Foster Brooks perfectly portrayed a drunk who tried to act like he was sober. He wasn't afraid of taking his…
foster brooks dean martin
foster brooks dean martin
December 21, 2018
Well known funny man and "drunkard" comedian, Foster Brooks put people like Dean Martin in stitches as he acted the…
foster brooks george washington
August 31, 2018
Watch Foster Brooks EPICALLY roast The Man Of The Week, President George Washington at this classic 1974 Dean Martin Roast!
foster brooks roast hubert humprey
Source: Screenshot, YouTube
August 28, 2018
Watch Foster Brooks roast Hubert Humphrey in epic fashion. This video will have you missing the politically incorrect humor of…
Foster brooks lucy
Foster brooks heres lucy
May 11, 2018
Lucy was trying to get Foster Brooks to stay sober while he was writing a book about a murder, but…
foster brooks roasts don rickles
January 10, 2018
At the Dean Martin Roast of Don Rickles, Foster Brooks let Mr. Warmth know that he was having an affair…
Lucille Ball
December 5, 2017
In 1975 when Lucille Ball was the Woman of the Hour at Dean Martin's Roast, Foster Brooks roasted her in…
Foster Brooks Sammy Davis Jr
November 30, 2017
In 1975, Sammy Davis, Jr. was the Man of the Hour at one of Dean Martin's Roasts. Foster Brooks brought…
Foster Brooks dental exam
November 29, 2017
Foster Brooks stumbled into a bar and attempted to give Dean Martin a dental exam. Dean couldn't help but laugh…
Foster Brooks Roasts Johnny Carson
November 2, 2017
Nobody was immune to laughing when Foster Brooks took the microphone, especially when he was roasting them - not even…
Foster Brooks Roasts Angie Dickinson
October 24, 2017
The Politically Correct Feminist Police Wouldn't Be Happy Watching Foster Brooks Roast Angie Dickinson At Dean Martin's 1977 Roast
Foster Brooks Dean Martin
October 10, 2017
Foster Brooks was one of the favorite performers at Dean Martin's Roasts. He made everyone laugh as he played the…
Foster Brooks Jimmy Stewart
September 28, 2017
Foster Brooks played the role of a gentleman who had one drink too many and tried unsuccessfully not to let…
Dean Martin Foster Brooks
September 21, 2017
Dean Martin liked to laugh but it was rare for someone to leave him speechless from laughter. Foster Brooks was…
Foster Brooks Betty White
March 9, 2017
At Dean Martin's Roast of Betty White, Foster Brooks was introduced as her former fiancee. Foster was so overserved that…