WHY ROMAN REIGNS WON wrestlemania 37
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When it comes to WrestleMania, so often we as fans are used to title changes…so why did Roman Reigns win on Sunday? Also, with changes to the announce teams, is Tom Phillips gone from WWE?

Why Roman Reigns Won

Many fans may have expected or hoped for a new Universal Champion to close out night two...but that didn’t happen. So we ask, and answer, why Roman Reigns won on Sunday.

To keep it short and sweet, it’s because WWE wanted to give him a statement win.


Source: Custom, WWE Twitter screenshot

A more nuanced answer we have too.

According to the Wrestling Observer, the intent was to have Roman Reigns win on Sunday, and to leave zero doubt that he was the alpha. 

With a somewhat decisive win over not one, but two challengers, it may be safe to say that the mission was accomplished.

So, with that explanation as to why Roman Reigns won…do you buy it?

I have mixed feelings about it.

On one hand, sure, having Roman Reigns pin not one but two Superstars goes a long way toward cementing his place as the top guy.

It also proves that his placement, front and center on Saturday’s opening shot was no accident, not that anyone suspected otherwise.

But, let’s be clear. Roman Reigns won, and he’s the top heel on either brand…but he still did so in much less than monstrous heel fashion.

I may be overthinking this part, but to me, while Jey Uso getting involved is a classic heel move…it also still screams to me that Reigns can’t do it without help.

That doesn’t mean he can’t. I just think that, if WWE was seeking the truly definitive win, there could have been even less Jey Uso than there was.

Like, having Reigns tell Jey “stay in the back”, and only come down when it’s over? Shows confidence, and when it works out, I think that would have done even more.

Regardless, with WrestleMania over, we are left wondering who WWE might bring out next for Reigns…or even if his next credible challenger doesn’t arrive until it’s time for SummerSlam?

Is Tom Phillips Gone From WWE

As WrestleMania 37 got underway, we were made aware of a not insignificant change to the announce teams. This leaves us asking a big question: is Tom Phillips gone from WWE?

is tom phillips gone

Source: custom, WWE Twitter screenshot

As of Sunday night, that remains unanswered.

The Wrestling Observer had some information, but it was about as clear as mud.

We know that former ESPN broadcaster Adnan Virk will be joining the RAW announce crew beginning tonight. That ought to be an interesting decision, with Virk having no prior experience calling WWE action.

Samoa Joe is off RAW too, with Corey Graves heading back to Mondays.

But things really got mixed up on WrestleMania weekend, and we wonder if Tom Phillips is gone from WWE.

According to the Observer, Michael Cole was only supposed to initially fill in on Saturday. However, Cole wound up working both nights, and no signs of Phillips anywhere.

Early reports made it seem like Phillips was missing due to a COVID concern. The last word from the Observer as WrestleMania concluded begs the question:

Is Tom Phillips gone from WWE?

No, and as of the morning after, we have an update!

As the dust settled and we got into Monday, things did at least come into focus.

Tom Phillips is not gone from WWE. He does have a new role or two, and it does not involve being on air for RAW or SmackDown.

The company officially confirmed that Phillips will now call 205 Live (quite a demotion, to be honest), and also officially confirmed the host of other announce team changes.