OJ Simpson Weighs In On LeBron James’ Now-Deleted Tweet, But NBA Remains Silent

OJ Simpson LeBron James
Source: LeBron James courtesy of Keith Allison via Wikimedia Commons; Screenshot OJ Simpson from Twitter

LeBron really put himself in a firestorm of criticism following his tweet targeting a Columbus, Ohio police officer. Even OJ Simpson has stepped up to tell the Lakers star that it’s important to wait for the facts before speaking. And OJ knows a thing or two about the importance of keeping your mouth shut.

OJ Simpson Tells LeBron To Wait For The Facts

People are piling on LeBron James. Even OJ Simpson took a swing telling “King James” to wait for the facts in the case.

OJ is not a champion of police officers but even he recognized the cop did what he had to do.

But, OJ knows the importance of keeping your mouth shut. The Juice may be loose, but his lips aren’t. 

Simpson attempted to cushion his criticism of LeBron between some compliments. Still, this is going to hurt.

Critical thinking skills are not a LinkedIn skill of LeBron’s. He can dribble a ball but he’s not a professional commentator. 

LeBron Gives His Two Cents On Ma’Khia Bryant Shooting

Ma’Khia Bryant was shot and killed by a police officer while she was holding a knife and attempting to harm another teen.

LeBron showed no concern for the girl whose life was saved by the police officer. LeBron just saw a headline and rushed to judgment. 

But, he ended up putting the officer’s life in jeopardy and making himself look like a fool. Now, pressure is being applied to his sponsors and the NBA to comment. 

The Fraternal Order of Police pushed back on the Lakers star after he deleted his repulsive tweet.

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Clay Travis of “Outback the Coverage” shared a video of the pro athlete discussing reading Malcolm X’s autobiography. It’s a great example of the fact that LeBron doesn’t know what he is talking about.

He contradicts himself and sounds like 4th grader giving a book report without reading the book. 

NBA And Sponsors Silent On The Matter

Now, the focus pivots to the Lakers, NBA, and the sponsors who fork over millions for LeBron to endorse their products.

Social Justice Warriors often target companies when a conservative sponsor gets out of line. Now, the tables are now turned on LeBron.

Fox News contacted the NBA and the Lakers to get their comments on LeBron’s now-removed tweet that is being seen as a threat to the Columbus Police Officer.

Neither responded, but both issued statements following Derek Chauvin’s conviction in the death of the George Floyd.

Fox News also reached out to Nike, Pepsi, General Motors, Beats Electronics, and Walmart about LeBron’s tweet. No responses were given.

But, will LeBron James finally face accountability for his actions and words?