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OJ Simpson
Source: ABC News YouTube
April 12, 2024
New details have emerged about the former NFL star OJ Simpson’s final days after he died on Wednesday night at the age of 76.
OJ Simpson Betty White
Source YouTube: ABC News, Pioneers Of American Television
April 12, 2024
After OJ Simpson passed away on Wednesday night at the age of 76, his bizarre connection to the late great Betty White has been revealed.
OJ Simpson
Source: Movieclips YouTube
April 11, 2024
OJ Simpson died last night at the age of 76. After his passing, let’s take a look at some of his best movie and TV appearances.
Celebrity Endorsements
May 13, 2022
America’s most beloved celebrities have hocked everything from Japanese beer and pasta to rental cars and digestive health yogurt
Screenshot YouTube
December 15, 2021
OJ Simpson is now “a completely free man” after his parole hearing for armed robbery came to an end this week.
Caitlyn Jenner OJ Simpson
Source: Screenshot, custom YouTube, Twitter video
November 3, 2021
Caitlyn Jenner (FKA Bruce Jenner) made shocking claims about OJ Simpson and his alleged murder of Nicole Brown Simpson
OJ Simpson video Afghanistan masks Texas parents
Source: Screenshot Twitter Video
August 17, 2021
OJ Simpson posted a video mocking Afghanistan’s Army for a weak Taliban resistance saying TX and FL parents fought harder against masks.
OJ Simpson LeBron James
Source: LeBron James courtesy of Keith Allison via Wikimedia Commons; Screenshot OJ Simpson from Twitter
April 22, 2021
OJ Simpson knows a thing or two about importance of keeping your mouth shut. Now, he’s telling LeBron to zip it about a police shooting.
OJ Simpson Nicole Brown Simpson abuse secret diary murder documentary
September 29, 2020
Personal diaries kept by Nicole Brown Simpson, ruled inadmissible at OJ’s murder trial, are now being made public in a new documentary.
OJ Simpson thinks 'Tiger King' Carole Baskin killed Done Lewis
April 2, 2020
While wearing latex gloves, OJ Simpson says Carole Baskin’s husband Don Lewis is ‘tiger sashimi’ after watching “Tiger King” on Netflix.
OJ Simpson
June 10, 2019
As the 25th anniversary of the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman takes place this week, OJ Simpson has spoken out.
OJ Simpson
March 2, 2018
Fox has announced that it will air a never-before-seen interview with OJ Simpson in which he discloses how he “hypothetically” would have killed ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman in 1994.
OJ Simpson Caitlyn Jenner
November 3, 2017
An OJ Simpson Caitlyn Jenner feud may be brewing after Simpson took a swipe at Jenner following her recent announcement that she was transgender.
OJ Simpson release
September 28, 2017
OJ Simpson will soon be released from prison and be able to continue his search for Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman’s “real killer.” Nevada prison
OJ Simpson release
September 14, 2017
The OJ Simpson release date from prison is almost here, and Nevada prison officials are taking extra steps to ensure his release
OJ white ford bronco
August 15, 2017
The hosts of Pawn Stars recently test drove the OJ White Ford Bronco that was used as the getaway vehicle following the murders of
OJ Simpson
August 2, 2017
OJ Simpson’s children have amassed a bit of a real estate empire over the past few years. Now, Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman’s families are wanting
OJ Simpson
July 19, 2017
On Thursday, NFL legend OJ Simpson will have his parole hearing to determine whether or not he can be released from prison after serving 9 years of a 33