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NBA Kareem Abdul-Jabbar LeBron James embarassed
April 5, 2022
“Woke” Lakers forward LeBron James is being slammed this week by NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who said that he “should be embarrassed.”
Razzies Bruce Willis LeBron James
February 7, 2022
The Golden Raspberries – the Razzie Awards – are a a celebration of the worst of Hollywood. Willis and LeBron James lead a star-studded field
LeBron James school principle resigns
December 13, 2021
The principal of a school in Akron, Ohio that was founded by LeBron James has resigned amidst child abuse allegations.
LeBron James tests positive COVID
December 1, 2021
NBA legend LeBron James has reportedly tested positive for COVID-19, according to his Lakers teammate Anthony Davis.
Kyle Rittenhouse LeBron James Twitter mocks law enforcement
November 12, 2021
Kyle Rittenhouse fired back at LeBron James after the NBA star accused him of fake tears during his high profile murder trial.
Enes Kanter NBA
October 26, 2021
NBA star Enes Kanter is standng up to China’s brutal policies. But the NBA, normally supportive of athletes, is silent.
Draymond Green
October 1, 2021
Golden State Warriors Power Forward Draymond Green defended his fellow NBA players’ right not to accept the COVID vaccine
LeBron James Kaepernick
September 29, 2021
LeBron James praised Colin Kaepernick after the 49ers lost to Packers this past Sunday recalling Kaep’s former days on the field.
LeBron James
July 27, 2021
A mural showcasing NBA player LeBron James in ‘Space Jam’ was vandalized with red spray paint in his hometown of Akron, Ohio.
Colin Kaepernick LeBron James shooting
July 21, 2021
Jason Whitlock wants to know why LeBron James and Colin Kaepernick aren’t addressing the reportedly gang-related shooting at Nationals Park.
Shaq Lebron James Whining
June 30, 2021
Shaq takes issue with Lebron James’ whining about the players not getting enough rest due to the NBA schedule and how that caused injuries.
Jeff Van Gundy NBA LeBron James
June 29, 2021
Former NBA coach Jeff Van Gundy claims the NBA is too soft and points a finger at the players faking injuries including LeBron James.
Cop fired mocking LeBron
June 16, 2021
Nate Silvester, the Idaho cop, who was fired for his viral video mocking LeBron James gets offered a new job in Arizona while on live TV.
LeBron James Twitter map
June 9, 2021
LeBron James was just publicly humiliated as he was found to be the most hated player in the NBA by a new study.
LeBron James Olympics
June 7, 2021
Following his loss to the Suns, LeBron James announced he will be skipping the Olympics this summer to promote “Space Jam: A New Legacy.”
Jason Whitlock LeBron James
June 3, 2021
Veteran sports journalist Jason Whitlock calls out LeBron James and other woke athletes for “anti-American” sentiments and embracing China.
LeBron James Colby Covington
June 2, 2021
UFC fighter Colby Covington has some harsh words for LA Lakers player LeBron James and his “woke” hypocrisy and also calls him out over China.
LeBron James tweet
May 5, 2021
LeBron James has finally backtracked, saying he “fueled the wrong conversation” with his anti-cop Ma’Khia Bryant tweet.