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Kyle Rittenhouse LeBron James Twitter mocks law enforcement
November 12, 2021
Kyle Rittenhouse fired back at LeBron James after the NBA star accused him of fake tears during his high profile murder trial.
LeBron James tweet
May 5, 2021
LeBron James has finally backtracked, saying he “fueled the wrong conversation” with his anti-cop Ma’Khia Bryant tweet.
LeBron James LAPD officer
April 27, 2021
NBA star LeBron James hasn’t responded to an open letter posted on Facebook by an LAPD officer asking for a sit-down to discuss policing.
OJ Simpson LeBron James
April 22, 2021
OJ Simpson knows a thing or two about importance of keeping your mouth shut. Now, he’s telling LeBron to zip it about a police shooting.
LeBron James tweet
April 22, 2021
LeBron James is clutching his pearls after deleting a tweet that appeared to incite violence against the cop who shot Ma’Khia Bryant.