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Paul Heyman couldn’t have made a better switch last year when he aligned himself with Roman Reigns…so what is Paul Heyman’s WWE contract status? And, it seems some WWE Network content is missing from Peacock.

Paul Heyman’s Contract Up?

Paul Heyman and Roman Reigns are collectively one of the hottest programs going today, so it might seem odd to ask: what is Paul Heyman’s WWE contract status?

Well, contract status questions are never bad to ask. Per a report in the Wrestling Observer, it is believed that Paul Heyman’s current WWE contract expires soon.

source: custom, WWE twitter

It was unclear on exactly how soon. The belief was that his WWE talent contract expires right around WrestleMania, give or take a month.

Will he stick around?

One would think that re-signing Heyman would be a no-brainer. He is currently working as the special counsel to Roman Reigns, the current Universal Champion.

Heyman pivoted to Reigns, after spending a lot of time aligned with Brock Lesnar. Things have worked out well for both Heyman and Reigns.

Given the current state of things, it would be shocking if Heyman does not get a new deal. He may have already (but at this point, news of one has not surfaced).

Still, it cannot be considered a done deal. Vince McMahon is finicky at times, and has a well-documented dislike for managers.

While Heyman is not billed as a manager…if The Boss decides he’s become one and that it’s not good…what happens next is anyone’s guess.

If a deal couldn’t be worked out, it wouldn’t be impossible to imagine Heyman costing Reigns his Universal Championship next month, and promptly being fired.

Hopefully that does not happen, however. Heyman has been doing great work, and pairing him with Reigns has been a master stroke.

Even if things got stale with Reigns, there’s plenty left for Heyman to do.

Peacock Removing Controversial Footage

The WWE Network has found it’s new home, as part of NBCUniversal’s Peacock streaming platform. There are reports that, as part of the move, certain network content will be missing from Peacock.

Specifically, it’s being noted that some of the more offensive footage is expected to be scrubbed.

Per PWInsider, some sensitive content is already gone.

For example, Hall of Famer Roddy Piper worked a WrestleMania match half in blackface. That match (Piper versus Bad News Brown) has been removed completely.

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It is expected that any matches, segments or clips containing material or language that could be deemed offensive will not make it on Peacock.

It will be interesting to see how aggressive they stick to that position. Keeping in mind that many politically incorrect segments happened during the Attitude Era (across WWE, WCW and ECW), fans might end up losing out on significant amounts of content.

According to the report, the removed content is expected to remain available for non-US customers.

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