Stipe Miocic Says he Should be Offered Brock Lesnar Fight First

If Brock Lesnar does decide he wants to throw down in a real fight again, Stipe Miocic says he should be offered the bout first.

Following the news that Brock Lesnar has finished his WWE deal, talk about the possibility of him returning to the UFC has spiked again. Not only that, there’s been buzz, once more, about the pro-wrestling star fighting Jon Jones.

But, the way Stipe Miocic sees it, since he’s holding the UFC’s heavyweight title, if Lesnar returns to the UFC, he should be offered that bout first.

Stipe Miocic
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Miocic says he should be offered Lesnar fight first, “100%”

Recently it was reported that Lesnar is now a free agent, and as a result, speculation about whether he could return to the UFC is making the rounds. After that news broke, Jones relayed once again that he wants to fight Lesnar, and Dana White said he’d be interested in making that fight happen.

Well, since then, Miocic appeared on “The Believe You Me” podcast with Michael Bisping. While talking about whether he thinks he should be tabled the Lesnar fight first, if the star returns to the UFC, the champ said this (quotes via MMA Fighting).

“A hundred percent I think so,” Miocic said. “Listen, I just think about it more and more I do think 100 percent if anything I would get the Brock Lesnar fight first or be asked first. I didn’t know [Jones] called the shots. I didn’t know that.”

Does Miocic have a point?

You can understand where Miocic’s coming from here. After all, when Lesnar teased a MMA comeback before, the UFC was quick to jump on board with him fighting Daniel Cormier.

At the time, Cormier was holding the heavyweight title.

Jones and Lesnar have traded verbal shots about fighting in the past, however, and White’s repeatedly said that Francis Ngannou is next for Miocic.

The thing is, since Miocic already beat Ngannou, he would likely jump at the opportunity to face Lesnar next. It’s a fight that would almost certainly deliver him a massive check, probably the biggest of his career.

Miocic talks strategy for Ngannou rematch

The champ also talked about how he’d approach a rematch with Ngannou, if and when they do fight again.

“I would say you go back to what works but you also understand that he’s gotten a lot better since the last fight, so you’ve also got to incorporate new things,” Miocic said.

“That’s the way the game is. Honestly, if you take time off from this sport, people evolve so fast and they get so much better that they’ll leave you behind.

“You take a little bit from the last fight I think. You don’t want to dwell on it because that person’s gotten way better and they’re working on things that you did well against them.

I think you do a lot more different things, maybe change it up, the things you were doing.

The takedowns, maybe a different setup to get it there, or maybe this time I finish him with a rear-naked instead of laying on top of him like everyone thinks I did.”

Makes sense right?

Miocic faced Ngannou for the first time in January, 2018, and worked his way to a decision win over the feared slugger.

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