what happened to melina

WWE has a habit of bringing back Superstars of the past…so what happened to Melina’s return? Also, this is shocking, but we’ve got news on Ric Flair’s relationship issues.

What Happened To Melina’s Return

We all know WWE loves to bring back past names, and some have been rumored and never made it. So what happened to Melina’s return?

Her name has been floating around for a fair bit, and it did seem like her return was imminent.

what happened to melina

That thinking only got stronger when John Morrison, one of her former charges, returned to the company.

Yet, here we are a couple months in to 2021, and Melina has not come nback. So, what happened to Melina’s return?

Well, according to Melina herself…it wasn’t actually as close as we all thought.

The seemingly sure thing was nixed because it turns out that the former Superstar has a bad knee and wouldn’t actually be fit to perform.

That comes from her directly, as she spoke to Wrestle Talk about the failed return.

As Melina expanded on the nixed return, it sounds like she wasn’t as close as it seemed.

At one point, she had been asked if she would return, to which she responded with an enthusiastic yes. Outlets grabbed hold of that and made things seem a lot closer to reality.

Unfortunately for fans and for Melina, it seems a return is not in the cards, at least not as an active wrestler for now.

It seems like she would be interested, if ever WWE were to change their minds about it.

Ric Flair’s Relationship Issues

Ric Flair has done a lot in life, in and out of the ring. It should be no shock then, to learn about Ric Flair’s relationship issues.

However, what would probably be more shocking in this instance is who is involved, and apparently at fault.

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No we are not talking about Flair and his possible involvement in the Lacey Evans pregnancy angle.

Recently, the wrestling legend spoke with Wrestling, Inc about a wide range of topics. One that came up was how close he was with his Horsemen brothers.

The answer was stunning. It shed light on Ric Flair’s relationship issues.

Per Flair, he’s not really on friendly terms with any of the Horsemen at this point. He brought up some major life events to explain.

The death of his son Reid crushed him, as you could understand. During that span, none of his former partners reached out at all.

Even more recently, when Flair experienced a major health crisis, he said that none of them-not Arn, not Ole, not Tully-reached out.

As Flair pointed out, what kind of friends are they if none can be bothered to call or text during a tragic event.

For Flair, who noted he struggles around Reid’s birthday, his former Horsemen mates don’t even check in then to see how he is.

So, in spite of how much time they spent together, sad as it sounds, it would appear that the Four Horsemen aren’t all friends anymore.

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