carlito makes wwe return

Sunday’s Royal Rumble gave us a few surprises, one of the bigger ones: Carlito makes his WWE return-and he may be sticking around. Also, a Superstar’s contract is expiring soon.

Carlito Makes WWE Return

While we expected him back for RAW Legends Night last month, the Royal Rumble saw Carlito make his WWE return.

carlito makes wwe return

The Caribbean Superstar has not been seen in a WWE ring in quite some time, and the buzz now is that his return might not be a one-off deal.

There was an expectation that we’d have seen Carlito during the Legends show, but signals were crossed and it wasn’t meant to be.

Things worked out, however. Carlito entered the 2021 Royal Rumble and looked to be in excellent shape.

His performance and appearance might make you wonder-could Carlito be sticking around?

The short answer? There’s a strong possibility.

There is a twist, however. Carlito is expected to be at RAW later tonight, but we may not see him on camera.

According to reports, Carlito is working his way back to WWE to get a shot as a producer.

I will throw this out there, however. Last year, MVP returned to WWE in the Royal Rumble.

He, too, hoped to parlay that appearance into a producer spot. However, it’s safe to say that things worked out in that case.

Time will tell how things work out, now that Carlito has make his WWE return.

Of course, Carlito’s return was one of several trips down Memory Lane in the men’s Royal Rumble match.

Superstar Contract Expiring Soon

Everyone knows contracts expire on a regular basis, and there is a significant WWE Superstar contract expiring soon.

How soon, and which Superstar?

Could Cesaro get the Intercontinental Championship?

That would be Cesaro. And his current contract expires just after WrestleMania in April.

Between now and then, there will surely be speculation about whether or not Cesaro will stick around.

That speculation will only end with Cesaro re-signing, or with him showing up on a rival show.

It would be easy to see why WWE would want to keep Cesaro. He’s been a steady mid-card player who has show glimpses of upper-tier capabilities.

On the other hand, it would be understandable to see the two sides part ways.

WWE might feel that Cesaro is nothing more than a mid-carder, and he might feel he could do more somewhere else.

It’s a strong possibility that, should his contract expire, he’d be someone AEW would be very interested in.