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alternate cody rhodes plans
February 8, 2023
While we won’t see it, there were some alternate Cody Rhodes plans. Plus, was this Booker T’s last Royal Rumbe?
dakota kai suffered injury
February 1, 2023
Per the announcers on RAW, Dakota Kai suffered an injury in this year’s Rumble. Plus, what’s up with Kenny Omega?
cody rhodes barely cleared
January 30, 2023
In a bit of craziness, Cody Rhodes was barely cleared to work, and women’s winner Rhea Ripley was injured during the Royal Rumble.
nia jax stick around
January 30, 2023
After a surprise return on Saturday, will Nia Jax stick around for another run? And, there is some new Jey Uso drama.
Rey Mysterio Injured
January 29, 2023
Rey Mysterio was set for the Royal Rumble, but he is apparently injured. And, are we getting Brock Lesnar and Gunter at WrestleMania 39?
the best and worst
January 29, 2023
It’s time to reflect on the Royal Rumble, 2023 edition. Which means, it is a good time to talk about the best and worst of the night.
Royal Rumble Report Card
January 29, 2023
The 2023 WWE Royal Rumble means the Road to WrestleMania is officially underway. So, we go to our report card for some grades.
big beth phoenix plans
January 28, 2023
As we await tonight’s Royal Rumble, there could be some big Beth Phoenix plans. Plus, check out The Godfather’s new deal.
happy royal rumble eve
January 27, 2023
It’s a big SmackDown in a Nutshell, as we get set to enjoy a happy Royal Rumble eve, everyone! No, for real, it is going to be a thing!
Sami Zayn Royal Rumble
January 27, 2023
With the Royal Rumble only days away, there is a huge rumor about Sami Zayn. And, does Triple H see something special in Austin Theory?
WWE Star Royal Rumble
January 26, 2023
Natalya is a top star in the WWE. However, she could be missing year’s Royal Rumble. Plus, an update on Mark Briscoe’s AEW status.
red looks good thirty
January 23, 2023
It’s a big RAW In A Nutshell, and we have to say, that the red brand looks pretty good for thirty on it’s anniversary show!
big confrontation at rumble
January 23, 2023
Known for it’s surprises, we might get a big confrontation at the upcoming Royal Rumble. Plus, talent miss Stephanie McMahon.
eight days until rumble
January 20, 2023
It’s another SmackDown in a Nutshell, and as of tonight we have just eight days until the 2023 Royal Rumble in San Antonio!
prepping big anniversary show
January 16, 2023
It’s an interesting RAW In A Nutshell, as we are prepping for next week and that big 30th anniversary show in Philadelphia!
whats next john cena
January 16, 2023
After his one match in 2022, what’s next for John Cena in WWE? And, is a Rumble return possible for Rick Boogs?
Surprise Royal Rumble Entrants
January 13, 2023
With the Royal Rumble almost here, WWE will look for some surprise entrants. And, Kyle O’Reilly’s return from injury has hit a snag.
big change bobby lashley
January 4, 2023
There certainly seems to be a big change coming for Bobby Lashley, and what are plans for Charlotte and Ronda moving forward?