Ka’Mauri Harrison

A nine-year-old Louisiana boy who was suspended for having a BB gun in his bedroom is now getting help from Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry.

Ka’Mauri Harrison was in an online class taking a test when his brother walked into his room. A BB gun was on the floor and Ka’Mauri picked it up so his brother wouldn’t trip on it. 

AG Landry’s motion to support young Harrison is joining a federal lawsuit filed by Ka’Mauri’s father Nyron Harrison. The lawsuit is against the Jefferson Parish School Board for allegedly exceeding its authority by “purporting to regulate non-disruptive conduct in a student’s private home.”

Mr. Landry’s office said in a press release: “Attorney General Landry has long maintained that an individual’s private home is not an extension of the classroom, and he has taken a number of actions to defend Ka’Mauri and other students who were sent into a bureaucratic abyss for no reason and told there is no way out.”

Landry said, “The Jefferson Parish School Board has violated state law over and over. It is unfortunate that we have had to go to such lengths to correct the Board’s egregious behavior and misinterpretation of the law. The Legislature even unanimously passed a law expressly reaffirming that the home is not school property and discipline policies cannot treat it the same.”

Suspension For Bringing A Gun To School

Curing the class, the teacher began waving at Ka’Mauri, but because he was taking a test and had the computer muted, he wasn’t made away of his teacher’s concerns until after the livestream ended.

The teacher reported him for bringing a gun to school even though he was at his own home. 

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First, it was recommended he be expelled from school. However, when there was outrage regarding such an aggressive punishment, it was changed to a 6-day suspension.

This was still unacceptable to the Harrison family because they felt the child hadn’t done anything wrong. 

Online learning presents numerous challenges for all involved. In addition to the mental health issues that have presented from the lack of social interaction, many children struggle to learn in this environment.

Now, they also are being judged and reprimanded by what is in their own home. 

The Second Amendment ensures that we have the right to bear arms. But, that right continues to be the target of liberal activists.

Now, a child can’t even have what is essentially a toy gun in his own house without being persecuted. 

The Harrisons fought back against this suspension in a six-hour long School Board meeting.

They argue that their home is not the school, so Ka’Mauri did not bring a gun to school.

The Jefferson Parish Public Schools disagreed and refused to remove the suspension from the child’s public record. 

Teacher Was Triggered By BB gun

Nyron Harrison, the child’s father, was asked by School Board member Simeon Dickerson to consider what it felt for the terrified teacher to see the BB gun on her computer screen. 

“I know what a BB gun looks like. And you know what it resembles? A real gun. OK? It resembles a real gun,” the school board member said.

Apparently, the fourth grade teacher was triggered by just seeing the BB-gun.

Would she be panicked if a child’s screen was in a kitchen with knives?

Dickerson portrayed her as a victim while it was Ka’Mauri who faced the punishment that prompted a new state law.

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The School Board eventually voted to reduce Ka’Mauri’s suspension from six days to three days. But, this was pointless as the suspension has already been served.

The Harrisons wanted it expunged entirely from the student’s record.

Nyron Harrison told the Board “Y’all shameful!” after the School Board refused to allow Louisiana Solicitor General Elizabeth Murrill to testify in favor of Ka’Mauri.  

Ka’Mauri Harrison Act

There was such outrage over this case that it resulted in a new law.

The “Ka’Mauri Harrison Act” will help protect children in Louisiana from this in the future.

It made changes in student discipline laws for the span of virtual learning. Ka’Mauri has been through quite an ordeal, but he has made it easier for children in similar situations. 

More information on this case is in the video below. 

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