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It looks like indoctrination of school children starts early in Washington state. A mom was shocked to hear her child’s kindergarten teacher regularly tells the youngsters that they are living on “stolen land” from the Native Americans. So she recorded it. 

Kindergarten is a time to learn basic facts like ABCs and how to be a good friend. But a teacher in Renton, Washington feels she has the authority to guilt these children for living on land that used to belong to Native Americans.

Online Learning Exposes Kindergarten Indoctrination At Washington School

One benefit of the coronavirus pandemic is that online learning is allowing parents to monitor their children’s classrooms.

That’s how this teacher got busted.

Some teachers have been pushing back about allowing parents to monitor online classes because they worried it would interfere with their political indoctrination of the students.

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But this mom was not about to be passive and allow her children to grow up being spoon fed to hate America by unchecked teachers. Leftwing educators have permeated our schools in an attempt to influence the next generation. 

At first, she thought maybe this was just a strange lesson was only going to happen on the first day of school. But, it continued daily and even included a letter writing activity.

So when the Renton mom realized that her kindergartener started each day with a lesson about living on land “stolen” from the local indigenous people, the Duwamish, she took action.

This kindergarten mom started recording the teacher’s very inappropriate indoctrination. Her recordings of these guilt shaming lectures to 5-year-olds in kindergarten will shock you.

Next the mom spoke with the Renton School District principal. And then she spoke to the Dori Monson Show on KIRO Radio about the anti-American indoctrination at her public school. 

Kindergarteners Write Apology Letters To Native Americans For “Stolen Land”

“You just told my kids that they’re living on something stolen and stealing is bad. I just was in shock, actually. Like, what is happening? … [The principal] wasn’t aware that this was happening, and so basically, she is planning to have a talk with her (the teacher)within the next week, and then she’ll report back to me,” the mom says in the shocking radio interview. “But she agreed that there was a time and a place, and kindergarten was not the time and place to be doing it,” Angela said.

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“Today, though, the teacher took 17 minutes of class time to talk about it. First, she showed a video of another school doing land acknowledgment, like a poem. And then she had the kids repeat that acknowledgement poem back,” the mom continues. “And then she decided that the students were going to write one for the Duwamish people. So they took the time to do that.”

You can hear this shocking radio interview below. 

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