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June 8, 2022
Matthew McConaughey became visibly emotional as he begged Democrats and Republicans for gun reform at the White House.
June 6, 2022
Matthew McConaughey is calling for stricter gun control laws in the wake of the school shooting in his hometown of Uvalde, Texas.
May 25, 2022
After yesterday’s deadly mass shooting at an elementary school in his hometown of Uvalde, Texas, Matthew McConaughey is speaking out.
armed citizen shooting
October 20, 2021
A Lancaster, PA man is hailed as hero for opening fire on an armed gunman and preventing what could have been a mass shooting
Smith & Wesson moving
October 1, 2021
Smith & Wesson announced moving their headquarters – and with it jobs – from Massachusetts to Tennessee in anticipation of new gun laws.
National Anthem Black Rifle Coffee
July 1, 2021
Veteran-owned Black Rifle Coffee’s version of the National Anthem using Second Amendment firepower instead of music will blow you away!
Peeping Tom Texas shot by parents
July 1, 2021
A dad shot a peeping Tom who was caught fondling himself while looking into a 10-year-old girl’s bedroom window.
Sadie Robertson gun
May 28, 2021
Sadie Robertson of “Duck Dynasty” fame revealed this week why she’ll always keep a gun in her house moving forward.
Willie and Korie Robertson gun rights
May 24, 2021
Willie and Korie Robertson spoke out this week to defend gun rights after someone tried to break into their home.
Ka’Mauri Harrison
February 18, 2021
A School Board won’t remove suspension from a child’s record for having a BB-gun during online class, but the Feds are on the case now.
parents who let kids shoot a gun
February 3, 2021
A bill was introduced in New Mexico dictating how firearms are to be stored and making it a crime for parents who let their kids shoot a gun.
Miss USA Asya Branch guns second amendment Christian faith
November 18, 2020
The new Miss USA Asya Branch discusses her views on guns and the Second Amendment as well as the importance of her Christian faith.
Miss USA 2020 Asya Branch Trump Mississippi Second Amendment politics
November 10, 2020
The new Miss USA 2020, Asya Branch from Mississippi, strongly supports the Second Amendment and sang at a Donald Trump rally in 2018.
Mark and Patricia McCloskey guns St Louis protesters mansion
September 23, 2020
The McCLoskeys, the gun-toting St. Louis couple, printed cards of their viral standoff with Black Lives Matter protesters at their home.
online class toy gun police Colorado boy privacy
September 9, 2020
Before calling parents, a principal sent police to the home of a 12-year-old Colorado boy because his toy gun was visible during online class.
Sheriff Richard K. Jones Butler County Ohio police
September 4, 2020
Butler County Ohio Sheriff Jones fired off a warning shot to let would-be criminals know his officers and constituents will shoot to defend.
police banned ice cream
July 10, 2020
Molly Moon’s ice cream in Seattle had the table turned after banning armed police officers. The owner supports CHAZ and Black Lives Matter.
School teacher BB-Gun virtual Google classroom police
June 12, 2020
A Maryland school had police search a boy’s home after a properly secured BB gun was spotted in his bedroom in a Google classroom.