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singing national anthem
A California mother is extremely upset that her daughter’s high school would not let her daughter sing the national anthem before Homecoming.
Ka’Mauri Harrison
February 18, 2021
A School Board won’t remove suspension from a child’s record for having a BB-gun during online class, but the Feds are on the case now.
Meghan Markle Prince Harry Black History Month BLM poetry Get Lit
February 9, 2021
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry dropped in on a Get Lit poetry class honoring Black Lives Matter during Black History Month.
Ellen DeGeneres’ producers have reportedly gone into panic mode, saying that it would “break a lot of hearts” to cancel the show.
Jeff Dunham zoom video meeting puppets walter
In a Zoom video meeting with Jeff Dunham’s puppets, a troll “zoom bombs” the gang and things immiedately go downhill for Walter.
Jane Seymour Johnny Cash Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman Sully Joe Lando
Hollywood star Jane Seymour dished on what it was like to work with country legend Johnny Cash and onscreen beau Joe Lando on “Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman.”
Mike Rowe Dirty Jobs returns Discovery Channel
Fans of the show “Dirty Jobs” are excited right now after Mike Rowe announced that the show will be returning to the Discovery Channel.
Jane Fonda pushes climate change on TikTok
Jane Fonda is always finding news ways to lecture us on climate change – this time she’s on TikTok drinking a martini as a pandemic ravages America.