School Calls Police After Spotting A Student’s BB-Gun On His Wall During Virtual Class

A Maryland school had police search a boy's home after a properly secured BB gun was spotted in his bedroom in a Google classroom.

A Maryland mom is speaking out after school authorities called police over a secured BB gun that could be seen in her home during her son’s virtual Google classroom. This is a serious issue regarding privacy and the Second Amendment that needs to be shared. 

Courtney Lancaster is well versed on firearms. She is a Navy veteran with four years of active duty service defending our nation. She has taught her fifth grade son firearm safety as well.

Her son is working towards becoming an Eagle Scout and has gone through gun and archery training with his Boy Scout pack.

BB Gun Was Properly Stored

Her 11-year-old son has his BB gun and bows properly stored in his room. This has never been a problem until police came to her house on June 1st. 

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“So, I answered the door. The police officer was, he was very nice. He explained to me that he was coming to address an issue with my son’s school,” the mother said. “And then explained to me that he was here to search for weapons, in my home. And I consented to let him in. And then I, unfortunately, stood there and watched police officers enter my 11-year-old son’s bedroom.”

As you can see in the tweeted picture below, all weapons and toys were properly secured. We have reached the point in society where a type of toy that has been used for generations warrants a call to the police.

This child and his parent were responsible and that didn’t matter.

School Teachers Report BB Gun Seen On Google Classroom

From PJ Media

“While my son was on a Zoom call, a ‘concerned parent’ and subsequently two teachers saw his properly stowed and mounted Red Ryder BB gun and one other BB gun in the background,” Sperry wrote on Facebook. “He was not holding them and never intentionally showed them on video. In fact, he was oblivious that they could even be seen in the background.”

After the teacher reported the gun, the principal, Jason Feiler, decided to call the police to report the guns and ask that the home be searched.

The principal and the teacher cited a rule stating that students may not bring guns to school and claimed it extended to virtual classes as well, Sperry said, adding that the school handbook does not address rules for virtual learning at all. Besides, “he did not BRING anything to this meeting and he is in his own home,” she said. “They were simply in the background in our home, safely stowed in a room behind a closed door, with no ammunition (if you can even call it that).”

Sperry told PJ Media that the school’s vice-principal called her ex-husband, claiming to be checking on network connectivity. She believes the real reason for the call was to find out which home her son was at. The vice-principal “ended the call without leveraging the opportunity to discuss the matter and rather was fishing for information to find out where to dispatch police,” she said. 

Police Officers Disgusted That The School Called Them

Officers informed Courtney Lancaster that someone saw her son’s BB gun during his online lesson in Google classroom. Like children throughout the country, her 11-year-old had been in virtual classrooms since March.

Someone had taken a screenshot showing the BB gun hanging on her son’s bedroom wall. School officials refused to show her the screenshot. They claim the evidence is now part of his record and therefore cannot be released. 

“It’s absolutely scary to think about,” the irate mother said. “Who are on these calls? Who do we have viewing your children and subsequently taking these screenshots that can be sent anywhere or used for any purpose?”

When Lancaster demanded answers from the school, the principal compared her son’s properly secured BB-gun on the wall of his bedroom behind him during an online class to bringing a gun to school. 

The police officers who arrived at her home were disgusted that they were called about this. Lancaster shared the experience on social media to warn other parents about her ordeal.

We cannot treat children and responsible parents are criminals, but that is exactly what happened in this case. 

“The officers that responded were appalled at the call and even commended the set-up that my son has for his toys and commended him also on his respect and understanding of the BB guns,” the mom wrote in the Facebook post below. 

The Second Amendment is under such attack that a child cannot even have a toy gun hanging on the wall of his bedroom without police being called. 

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