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AEW Signs Brodie Lee’s Son, Another Gimmick Match For The Fiend

Following the loss of his dad, AEW signs Brodie Lee's son to a contract for real. Plus, we are set for another gimmick match for The Fiend.

After a symbolic title win and his father’s passing, AEW signs Brodie Lee’s son. Also, there appears to be another gimmick match for The Fiend on the way.

AEW Signs Brodie Lee’s Son

AEW has signed a familiar name recently. Specifically, AEW signs Brodie Lee’s son.

No, that is not a misprint.

Brodie Lee Jr. already has an AEW Championship win under his belt, and he hasn’t even started high school yet.

AEW Brodie Lee Son
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Yes, the title win was a gesture of kindness for Brodie Lee Jr, as his father was very sick. Brodie Lee, real name Jon Huber, passed away shortly after the symbolic win.

Now, AEW has signed Brodie Lee Jr to an actual contract. According to Tony Schiavone, the contract is legit and Lee Jr. will be on the AEW roster when he is of age.

That is a big move, especially considering Lee Jr. is just 8 years old. Lots can happen between now and then, but for now, the younger Lee knows he could have a future in an AEW ring.

Schiavone said that while the timing was unique, the intent is legitimate.

Of course, when the time comes for Brodie Lee Jr. to wrestle, much could have changed. AEW as we know it may not exist (or, it may have taken over WWE and all other promotions).

And, there’s also the possibility that in a decade, the younger Lee may not even still have the desire to perform in the squared circle.

Then there’s this other major component: while Brodie Lee Jr. loves wrestling and has a contract with AEW, there is no assurance he will be like his dad. Surely AEW is hoping for that, long term.

For now, as he mourns the loss of his father, Brodie Lee Jr. does at least have a future opportunity to look forward to. Perhaps AEW has locked in the next multi-generational wrestling talent!

Another Gimmick Match For The Fiend

Are you a fan of the big production gimmick matches that WWE has given us? If so, there is another gimmick match for The Fiend heading our way.

usa requesting raw changes
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If you aren’t a fan of those gimmick matches? Well, there’s still reportedly another gimmick match for The Fiend coming to us in 2021.

According to Ringside News, the cliffhanger ending for the last RAW of 2020 was done in part to set the stage for a new gimmick match.

Considering the last match ended with Bray Wyatt’s stunt double set on fire, one has to wonder where they could go next.

Still, we saw Alexa Bliss dousing herself in what was said to be gasoline on RAW. Bliss was daring Randy Orton to strike a match and do to her what he did to The Fiend.

RAW faded to black with The Fiend seemingly poised to show up, as Orton held a flickering match.

Will their Royal Rumble match involve fire again? It seems likely, if only based on the breadcrumbs being left.

Could it involve having Alexa Bliss in peril? It may, but that would be an interesting gimmick to work out.


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