update on firefly inferno

TLC was Sunday night, and one of the big matches involved Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton-and now we have an update on their Firefly Inferno match. Also, some news on a possible WWE lucha show coming soon.

Update On Firefly Inferno Match

One of the hottest matches at TLC involved The Fiend and Randy Orton. Here’s an update on their Firefly Inferno match.

update on firefly inferno

According to WrestleVotes, the match was actually shot and filmed Sunday afternoon. This makes a good deal of sense considering how dangerous some of the effects were.

In case you somehow missed the match, or didn’t know the theming of it, the ring was surrounded by flames. Fire featured heavily in the match.

This match was not the first time Orton and Wyatt made use of fire in a match between each other.

Their match was also not slated to go on last, but that was how it unfolded after the fact. Curious side note, for me personally, when I tuned in, “watching live”, the Reigns-Owens match was what sent the PPV to black…but it could be me.

In any case, the match execution and plotting was a bit of a surprise. It seemed WWE had moved away from cinematic type matches, and while this one wasn’t like prior ones, it benefited from having extra takes.

Again, considering they were using stunt performers (I hope) and dangerous fire, working with the safety net of not being live makes 100% sense.

That said, the match came off well and fans were raving about the match. It will be very interesting to see where this feud may go next.

Wyatt posted a picture of a cocoon shortly after, so it will be worth seeing what that means for him after TLC.

Do we get yet another Wyatt personality?

Possible WWE Lucha Show Coming

In something of a surprise, WWE may be bringing us some new content. One such option is a possible WWE lucha show coming.

This comes after it’s been reported that WWE may bring out another NXT show in 2021.

This latest offering , as reported by Wrestling, Inc., could end up along the lines of a lucha libre NXT. Or, put another way, NXT Mexico.

Rey Mysterio AEW Contract

One has to admit, the possibility is intriguing. WWE has long sought to better serve the lucha style and fan base, but often has struggled.

According to the report, WWE alum Chavo Guerrero Jr. may be tapped to serve in an advisory role.

While WWE has not always made the best use of the lucha talent it has had, there is no denying that the company has had talented luchadors over the years.

If WWE is actually committed to this show, it could work. If WWE puts the right people in charge, and keeps the wrong people away (Vince), this might have a chance.

It would be interesting to see if this could or would end up along the lines of what Lucha Underground was. WWE currently employs several Superstars who formerly worked for that promotion.

With that in mind, it would also be interesting to see who, if any, current talent could jump to the new show. Or, what potential cross-promotional opportunities could be leveraged.

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