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Lars Sullivan Only Has One Supporter, Mickie James Bashes WWE

After the recent scandal, it seems Lars Sullivan still has one supporter. In other news, Mickie James bashes WWE after recent draft.

According to WrestleVotes,Lars Sullivan still has one supporter in the WWE. In other news, Mickie James bashes WWE over the draft. 

Lars Sullivan Only Has One Supporter

Lars Sullivan's Push Over Due To Porn Career? + King Corbin On Heels
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Lars Sullivan finds himself in hot water again this month. After all, the wrestler allegedly sent inappropriate messages to his yoga instructor.

The yoga instructor’s husband took to Reddit to reveal the dirty truth about the WWE superstar. Evidently, this caused fans to turn on the wrestler once more.

Fans gave Sullivan the benefit of the doubt, but now his career could be over. Or could it?

According to WrestleVotes, Vince McMahon is still a supporter of Lars Sullivan. However the remainder of the locker room are not too fond of him.

So, despite the recent allegations Vince McMahon continues his support of Lars Sullivan. At least, this is what is rumored at the moment. 

Why Was Lars Sullivan Moved To SmackDown?

Why was Sullivan moved to SmackDown?

Some sources claim that Vince McMahon protects Lars Sullivan. Despite these claims, Sullivan moved to SmackDown during the draft. 

What does this mean for Sullivan? Was he moved to be phased out on SmackDown?

If Vince was such a fan of Sullivan, why move him to SmackDown? Of course, that does not take away from the fact Sullivan was heavily featured on Raw this week.

Even if the accusations turn out to be true, I doubt there will be repercussions for Sullivan at this point in time.

Mickie James Bashes WWE

Mickie James Furious About Draft Position

Most superstars are happy with their position in this year’s draft. However, this does not apply to everyone. 

WWE veteran and former champion Mickie James was anything but impressed by the draft. So much so, she lashed out at the WWE.

As you know already, Mickie James was let out of the draft. In fact, she was dubbed a “free agent”. 

James responded on Twitter with the following message:

Of course, she is anything but wrong about that statement. It is horrible to see how she has been treated since her return.

Fear Of Release 

Mickie James

Mickie James is not the only one the WWE declared a “free agent”. Chad Gable was also added to that unfortunate list.

Naturally, both Chad Gable and Mickie James are upset about the draft with good reason. Not being drafted could be a clear sign of an imminent release at this point.

As the pandemic continues to grip the world, WWE will do much to save expenses. Earlier in the year, they released a large amount of wrestlers and other staff.

Indeed, their free agent status could be serious bad news for both superstars. And while we do not see the release of Mickie James in the nearby future, the same cannot be said for Chad Gable.

WWE attempted to launch Gable several times with horrible gimmicks. Needless to say, he remained on the bench ever since. 

Sad news for Chad Gable and Mickie James, but good news for the wrestlers who were chosen. Still, it is sad to see wrestlers of this calibre being ignored.

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