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Roman Reigns No Fan Of CM Punk, Joey Ryan Striking Back

The fans may love CM Punk, but Roman Reigns is no fan of CM Punk. Also, Joey Ryan is striking back at his #SpeakingOut accusers.

Roman Reigns has been making a lot of news lately, and here’s another tidbit. Roman Reigns is no fan of CM Punk. In other news, Joey Ryan is striking back against his #SpeakingOut accusers.

Roman Reigns No Fan Of CM Punk

WWE fans have wanted CM Punk back for forever, but apparently, some Superstars don’t feel the same. Specifically, Roman Reigns is no fan of CM Punk.

And, if you are willing to listen to-and believe-the Universal Champion, he doesn’t know of many Superstars who actually like the Straight Edge Superstar.

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Reigns recently took time to speak to the Loaded Management podcast. Along the way, the topic of some big match opponents came up.

One has been discussed numerous times, going back years: The Rock. A Rock-Reigns WrestleMania match would do incredibly big numbers (in theory).

Another name Roman Reigns was asked about? CM Punk.

The Big Dog declared that if the fans were into that matchup, he’d be behind it…but Roman Reigns is no fan of CM Punk.

The Superstar dropped this bit of surprising knowledge:

I don’t like the guy, I don’t know many people who do. I just don’t know many who do, but I’m willing to put business first and make really good content if that’s the case. He’d probably have to be slapped around a few times in order to get his mind right, but if he’s willing and the fans and audience are going to like it and be into it, then most likely I’m going to be into it

It’s entirely possible that Reigns is right. I could imagine that some of the current locker room may not always like the CM Punk chants they’ve endured, considering he hasn’t wrestled in eons.

Still, there are definitely fans who want to see CM Punk back in WWE, and that door is no doubt open should he ever decide to get back into the ring.

Joey Ryan Striking Back

In recent years, we’ve seen social media drive a number of movements; earlier this year, the #SpeakingOut movement took down a number of wrestlers, including Joey Ryan. Now, Joey Ryan is striking back.

Impact Wrestling Releases Several Accused Wrestlers

Joey Ryan lost his gig with Impact Wrestling, not to mention countless other booking opportunities.

Now, he has filed a substantial lawsuit against his accusers. Specifically, he is suing three of his accusers for several million dollars.

So how does Joey Ryan strike back? The suit, outlined by, breaks down just how much income Joey Ryan claims to have lost, and is continuing to lose, due to lost bookings.

The #SpeakingOut movement may have been fueled by good intentions, but several who were accused have been striking back at the allegations.

So, Joey Ryan is the latest to file a lawsuit. While he is seeking many millions in damages and lost income, he is surely looking to clear his name as much as he can (if he can, at this point).


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