NXT UK Fired #SpeakingOut

Following allegations made during #SpeakingOut, WWE has released and suspended several NXT UK names. Also, Roman Reigns speaks on selecting family over WWE during COVID-19.

NXT UK Names Fired After #SpeakingOut

The #SpeakingOut movement has seen several wrestlers be called out for their previous actions. Many of the allegations being made are against superstars from overseas and that includes NXT UK.

According to F4WOnline, NXT UK referees Joel Allen and Chris Roberts have been let go. In addition, wrestler Joe Coffey was suspended after allegations were made.

Up until now, WWE is still investing the matter.

While part of NXT UK, Coffey was given a decent push. At NXT UK Takeover Blackpool II, Coffey lost to Walter in the championship main event.

Current WWE releases include Ligero and Jack Gallagher. Places such as All Elite Wrestling, Impact Wrestling and NWA also saw changes.

Joey Ryan was released from Impact Wrestling after several women came forward about sexual assault. AEW suspended Sammy Guevara and sent Jimmy Havoc to rehab, while NWA parted with Dave Lagana.

During yesterday’s NXT UK conference call, Triple H addressed the topic. Basically, he said WWE has a zero tolerance policy and also went over protocol.

Roman Reigns – Hiatus

WWE plans for Roman Reigns at WrestleMania

Due to COVID-19, WWE saw one of their biggest stars take a hiatus. Because of his previous battles with leukemia, Roman Reigns has opted not to partake in any programming.

While the decision was not shocking, the timing was. About 10 days before his WrestleMania 36 title match with Goldberg, Reigns pulled out.

Instead, Braun Strowman was placed in the match and walked away as Universal Champion. If Reigns decided to stay, he would be in possession of the title now.

While speaking to The Hindu, Reigns discussed selecting family over WWE

“For me, I just had to make a choice for my family,” said Reigns. “The company [WWE] has done everything that they can to make it the safest work environment possible. It is not the workplace that I was necessarily concerned about.”

“I trust my life with my co-workers every time I step foot in the ring, but I just can’t put the same trust when it has my children, my wife and my family involved. But I don’t want it to come off as I am taking a stand against the company at all.” 

“Because I love the WWE. I’ve been a part of this company just since I was a little boy. That’s why I always take it so personally when I represent them.”

As of now, there is no talk of Reigns’ return to WWE. With there being no vaccine available, that could mean Reigns is out until 2021.

There have been conflicting reports on how Vince McMahon feels about Reigns’ absence. Some say it is understandable and others question if McMahon is upset.