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Matt Sydal and Darby Allin took part in the Casino Battle Royal, but both ended up taking some nasty bumps. Also, AEW went with the Tooth and Nail Match for a big reason. 

Matt Sydal & Darby Allin Update After Nasty Bumps

The 21-Man Casino Battle Royal promised the winner a future All Elite Wrestling (AEW) World Championship Match. Lance Archer was the most dominant wrestler in the contest and left with a title shot.

While there were several spots that had fans talking, two in particular left an impression. The first belonged to a debuting Matt Sydal, who fans might remember as Evan Bourne in WWE.

Matt Sydal’s Scary Fall

Sydal was the surprise entrant and he quickly went to his favorite spot, the top rope. He went for his famous shooting star press, but slipped.

Luckily, he was able to twist his body at the last second so the force of fall took place on his hip. Otherwise, he could have landed straight on his neck or head which is enough to end a career.

While the moment was frightening, Dave Meltzer said on the Wrestling Observer Radio that he is okay. He has performed that move countless times and simply made an error.

There is no word if Sydal is now a full-time member of the AEW roster. It could have been one-time deal or he signed a short contract for a handful of appearances. 

Still, fans were very pleased to see Sydal appear on AEW TV.

Darby Allin’s Bump To The Outside 

The other nasty bump from the 21-Man Casino Battle Royal went to Darby Allin. After eliminating two entrants, including his new revival Ricky Starks, Brian Cage got rid of Allin.

The spot saw Allin shoved into a bodybag filled with thumbtacks. Then, Brian Cage power bombed him over the top rope and onto the ramp.

Surprisingly, the thumbtacks were not the problem. It was the way Allin landed on the ramp as it was considered awkward.

As of now, there is no word if Cage has heat for how the bump went. But, Meltzer noted that Allin, like Sydal, is doing okay.

The card was full of injuries, with Matt Hardy by far taking the scariest bump. He fell about 10 feet and instead of hitting two table below, his head hit the concrete floor.

His wife was furious and and stated her husband “1,0000%” suffered a concussion. Hardy was sent to the doctor after the match and Tony Khan also addressed the process of continuing the bout.

Britt Baker’ Injury

Speaking of injuries, Britt Baker had her first singles match at All Out since being hurt back in May. She took on Big Swole in a Tooth and Nail Match.

Basically, they battled in a doctor’s office in a cinematic style match. In the end, Big Swole gave Baker laughing gas until she passed out to be declared the winner.

AEW went this route because Baker is not fully healed. To go with an already broken nose, Baker sustained a partial LCL tear, an interior tibia fracture and a small tendon during a Dynamite tag match months ago.

The belief was Baker would be fully healed by All Out, but that was not the case. Therefore, instead of a singles match, AEW got creative.

By having a cinematic match, it allowed the two to finally meet while protecting Baker. All things considered, fans seemed to enjoy the match even though it was on the comical side.

Do not be surprised if the feud continues for at least a few more weeks. Basically, Baker vs. Swole will likely happen inside a wrestling ring once the doctor is back to 100%.

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