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AEW Adam Cole Angle
March 31, 2023
A huge Adam Cole angle has been scrapped by AEW. And, his girlfriend and fellow wrestler, Britt Baker is dealing with a back injury.
concern for adam cole
November 19, 2022
Given his status, there is growing concern for Adam Cole. Plus one AEW tournament is returning in 2023-the Owen Hart Cup!
Britt Baker Sasha Banks
If given the chance, Britt Baker wants Sasha Banks inside an AEW ring. And, here are photos from the wedding of Charlotte Flair & Andrade.
cody rhodes working without contract
January 17, 2022
In a bit of a curious twist, Cody Rhodes is working without a contract. Plus, one AEW star does not trust WWE, despite their interest in her.
WWE NXT Britt Baker
September 23, 2021
Was WWE NXT interested in Britt Baker at one point? WNZ has more on this. Plus, sounds like AEW is passing on Buddy Murphy.
Adam Cole reactions to Britt Baker Tony Schiavone Hug on AEW
September 20, 2021
Adam Cole, the other half of Britt Baker, recently responded to a hug she shared with AEW’s Tony Schiavone. And it was damn funny!
Britt Baker Thunder Rosa AEW Rematch
September 14, 2021
Britt Baker and Thunder Rosa could be heading for a rematch in AEW. According to the latest rumors, the pair are heading for another feud.
More Bianca Belair Loss
August 27, 2021
Bianca Belair suffered a major loss & there are more details on why WWE went that direction. And, there’s a big Britt Baker program planned.
Becky Lynch Vince McMahon's
August 24, 2021
Who “okayed” Becky Lynch and her squash match against Bianca Belair? It was Vince McMahon. Plus, Britt Baker eyes new AEW talent.
Eva Marie WWE Request
August 15, 2021
Eva Marie is pushy on TV and her latest WWE request to manage a particular superstar is absurd. And, an AEW wrestler is getting major praise.
Britt Baker Adam Cole
August 3, 2021
Could Adam Cole be AEW bound? His girlfriend Britt Baker chimes in on the idea. Plus, the WWE has its eye on a second generation wrestler.
PPV New Year's Day
July 25, 2021
For New Year’s Day 2022, WWE will be holding a PPV. And, a popular AEW Champion suffered a broken wrist at Fyter Fest last week.
AEW Women's Champion Britt Baker
AEW Women’s Champion Britt Baker recently responded to the women’s division criticism that has been circulating on the internet.
Io Shirai Main Roster
April 9, 2021
Like many, there are questions if Io Shirai is going to the main roster. And, Britt Baker was not comfortable with her early spot in AEW.
Britt Baker insults hardcore wrestler Mick Foley and calls out Tony Khan
AEW wrestler Britt Baker insulted Mick Foley on social media after he gave her compliment and called out Tony Khan.
indie talent claims he was disrespected and underpaid at AEW
December 31, 2020
Indie talent Dylan Bostic claims he was disrespected and underpaid at AEW back in 2019. However, the tweet did not go down well.
Alundra Blayze goes at Britt Baker
December 17, 2020
Legendary female wrestler Alundra Blayze took down AEW’s Britt Baker on social media. And it seems Alundra had loads to say!
Matt Sydal Darby Allin
September 6, 2020
During the Casino Battle Royal, Matt Sydal & Darby Allin took nasty bumps. And, Britt Baker is still injured, despite working AEW’s All Out.