Hardy Boyz’s WWE Contract, Impact Wrestling Loses Former Champion

– One of the biggest moments from WrestleMania 33 will be The Hardy Boyz making a surprise return to WWE. They would enter a  ladder match with three other teams and leave as the RAW Tag Team Champions. With WrestleMania 35 only months away, their contracts are set to expire. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter pointed out that there is a stipulation which allows them to stick around for another year.

WWE is under the impression that Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy will exercise their right and opt to stick around for another year. At the same time, the extension would probably mean more money in their pockets. 

After The Hardy Boyz returned and eventually dropped the titles, they would go in separate directions. Jeff needed to undergo surgery, which allowed Matt to introduce his WOKEN gimmick to WWE fans. Since then, Matt has taken time off to heal and Jeff is working on SmackDown.

Seeing how All Elite Wrestling (AEW) is causing a buzz, they might have interest in bringing The Hardy Boyz in. The Young Bucks and The Hardy Boyz have history, so that might help AEW’s chances to help sign the brothers.

– As of January 1, Matt Sydal (known to WWE fans as Evan Bourne) is longer under contract with Impact Wrestling. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter stated that the former X-Division Champion has received offers from WWE and AEW.

Sydal was set to undergo an operation on his knee, but that has been scrapped due to insurance issues. Wherever Sydal lands, it might take some time as he probably wants to rehab his knee.

While Sydal did find some success in WWE, he was also in trouble for violating for the Wellness Policy as he failed for using synthetic marijuana (also known on the streets as K2). With his highflying style, Sydal might make a great addition to 205 Live as he could get a decent push despite his small size.

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