Carol Burnett, Lucille Ball, Harvey Korman on "The Carol Burnett Show" soup Nazi episode

“The Carol Burnett Show” captivated us for eleven seasons. It was the ultimate family show of the day as the everyone could gather around the television together for some good laughs. This was especially the case when Lucille Ball was a guest on the long-standing show. In one uproariously funny skit, the ladies ran into the original ‘Soup Nazi’, Harvey Korman! 

This 1967 episode brought two of America’s favorite redheads together for classic TV. Everyone loves Lucy and it was rightfully praised as one of the funniest episodes. 

Their iconic brand of un-PC comedy was certainly ahead of its time.

The Original ‘Soup Nazi’

In a particularly funny clip, Lucy and Carol decide to have lunch at a Argentine restaurant, except there is one problem. The restaurant doesn’t serve Argentine food and is run by Nazis!

This was long before “Seinfeld’s” legendary “Soup Nazi” episode

Harvey Korman is the original “Soup Nazi” in this skit as the Lunch Nazi Pedro. He’s running the restaurant but instead of throwing people out of it, he forces them to stay.

Korman even has submarine periscope spying on this duo from the next table. When Carol and Lucy try to flee, a Nazi soldier pops up and holds them hostage at gunpoint!

It didn’t take long for these women to realize what a mistake they made by choosing this new restaurant.

They probably should have realized that when they were interrogated by a Nazi at the door!

“We should have gone to an Italian restaurant,” Lucy told Carol Burnett as they attempted to escape. “They’ve probably surrendered by now.”

“The Carol Burnett Show” Was Not Politically Correct

Given that a number of Nazis fled to South America, including Argentina, this skit is right on target. And it is definitely not politically correct.

It would be unlikely that a skit like this would air on today’s PC networks. Even a Hitler-looking character makes an appearance.

The names of the food are Spanish, but they definitely are German dishes. 

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After watching this skit, you’ll be wondering if Jerry Seinfeld based the Soup Nazi off Harvey Korman’s character in Cafe Argentine! 

That was hilarious, and a great example of why we loved “The Carol Burnett Show” so much.

It was incredibly popular during its entire lengthy run on television. The cast worked so perfectly together, providing us with thousands of laughs over the years. 

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A-List guests like Lucille Ball made this All-American show even better! They just don’t make quality television like “The Carol Burnett Show” anymore!

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