The Revival Not Welcomed

Despite their popularity, The Revival was not welcomed at AEW in the beginning. Even though the company got a massive draw in FTR, the transition was not that easy.

FTR Debut Not Exciting For Existing Roster

FTR debut

If FTR is to be believed during their recent interview, the existing roster was not that excited about the FTR debut. During the interview, Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler revealed all.

“We walked into there, and there was some resentment from some of the younger guys there. I think it’s because of our attitude towards the business, our attitude towards professional wrestling, tag team wrestling and the rules.”

Harwood continued to explain that the backstage atmosphere was tense for a little while. However, he did stress that they were completely fine with it.

Dax Harwood explained that this kind of tension is completely normal in professional wrestling. After all, there is a top spot to be earned on a promotion.

FTR ended the interview by saying that they are dedicated to their brand. In fact, they state they want to help the brand grow and make them a serious contender in the wrestling industry.

Considering the recent growth of AEW and the decline of WWE, that moment may not be too far of.

Former WWE Superstars Not That Welcome At AEW?

other superstars not welcome at AEW?

I am not surprised at the statements made by FTR. Of course, this is to be expected.

As it stands, AEW is the only real competition the WWE has. With former WWE members turning to AEW, existing roster members see FTR as competition. 

Of course, FTR is not the only competition current roster members have to deal with. More former WWE superstars are making their debut on the brand.

One of the most recent additions to the roster is Zack Ryder. Ryder was one of the wrestlers who was let go during Black Wednesday.

While some of the existing roster members may not be too excited, this is a really good thing for AEW. Former WWE members do bring some viewers to the brand, making AEW a bigger competitor.

In the long run, it could be a good thing for all the wrestlers on the current roster. It gives them more exposure, and in turn more recognizability in the world of mainstream wrestling.

Still No Culture Of Fear

Chris jericho discusses ratings war

Despite the alleged tension backstage, things are a whole lot better at AEW. In fact, many have come to compare the work culture between WWE and All Elite Wrestling.

According to Kenny Omega, a culture of fear rules in the WWE. Jon Moxley even referred to Vince McMahon as a “madman” in a recent interview.

While there is obviously some competition backstage, the culture is a lot different from that in the WWE. Various wrestlers have spoken out about Tony Khan and how he is approachable.

Vickie Guerrero was one of the personalities who spoke out about Tony Khan. She mentioned that Tony Khan can be approached backstage at any time.

Evidently, this stands in big contrast with the stories about Vince McMahon. In short, AEW might be the better place to work.

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