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Dax Harwood CM Punk
March 24, 2023
According to FTR’s Dax Harwood, AEW needs CM Punk. And, if Bray Wyatt doesn’t make WrestleMania 39, a possible replacement for Bobby Lashley.
on aew non-compete clauses
March 20, 2023
We have got an interesting tidbit on AEW non-compete clauses and Tony Khan is working on repairing the AAA relationship.
mjf has fan issues
March 6, 2023
Seen during Sunday’s AEW PPV, MJF has fan issues once again. Plus, what is the contract status for FTR after their recent return?
Sami Zayn Title Win
February 17, 2023
It seemed like Sami Zayn and a title win was out of the question, but they may have changed. And, FTR does not like two AEW champions.
backstage reception of raw
January 25, 2023
We have an idea of the backstage reception of RAW XXX, and back when they were still in WWE, FTR refused to do an angle with Randy Orton.
Sting AEW Contract Date
January 12, 2023
Sting has been a regular on AEW TV, but his contract expiration date is not far off. And, FTR is on hiatus while they debate their next move.
WrestleMania 39 Matches Up
January 3, 2023
According to a report, many WrestleMania 39 matches are still “up in the air”. Plus, what is FTR’s status with AAA now?
ftr teases future plans
December 26, 2022
To kick off the new podcast, FTR teases their future plans. Plus, as he endures health issues, possible kidney donors emerge for Konnan.
ftr future wrestling plans
November 30, 2022
As a busy 2022 winds down, FTR discuss their future wrestling plans. Plus, one AEW star has surgery, which explains his absence.
FTR Out Tony Khan
October 2, 2022
FTR has called out Tony Khan for not being booked in matches as of late. And, did AEW contact Candice LeRae before she returned to WWE?
aew stars missing game
August 29, 2022
It may be winning awards, but right now some major stars are missing from the AEW video game. And, will Samoa Joe return soon?
claudio castagnoli all elite
June 27, 2022
Formerly known as Cesaro, Claudio Castagnoli is All Elite! And, while they want in, FTR is not cleared for a part in Ric Flair’s final match.
The WWE fights The Revival Over Trademarks
Is FTR going to WWE? The AEW tag team addressed the rumors and we discuss the “never say never” wrestling cliche.
FTR Rumors WWE Back
April 24, 2022
There are rumors WWE wants FTR back and they have a reply. And, take a look at a crazy wedding reception with a heavy wrestling theme.
wwe interested aew team
April 20, 2022
As contracts are expiring, WWE is interested in one AEW team. And, is Steve Austin actually not done in WWE?
jeff hardy destined nxt
January 5, 2022
Before his release, was Jeff Hardy destined for NXT? And while there had been rumors before, is one AEW faction nearing its end soon?
FTR AEW Contracts Expire
December 17, 2021
The AEW contracts for FTR are apparently expiring very soon. And, there are questions if Bray Wyatt will ever wrestle again.
wwe admin getting faction
November 17, 2021
Ready or not, a WWE admin figure might be getting a faction. Plus, the AEW Full Gear tag match late change gets explained.