Wade Barrett Nexus Reunion

This year’s WrestleMania was supposed to include Nexus, with Stu Bennett reportedly turning WWE’s plans down. During a recent interview with Wrestling IncStu Bennett revealed the reason why he refused. 

In other news, Bryan Alvarez of F4WOnline.com claims WWE is using local fans to be the audience for television tapings. 

Wade Barrett – Nexus Reunion

WWE had no long-term plans for Nexus

WrestleMania took place during the COVID-19 pandemic this year, which made WWE look for some draws. One of those draws would have been a Nexus Reunion, but it did not take place.

Stu Bennett was more than happy to talk about the reasons for his refusal. According to Stu, the reunion had no significance. 

“In all honesty, if it had been something more significant, I would have paid it more attention. But it was something, to me, that I wasn’t interested in doing. There was no benefit at all, for me, in doing it and I wasn’t excited about it, so I turned the offer down.”

Bennett is probably correct. The Nexus Reunion was only meant to draw fans to watch, and the company did not have long-term plans with the faction.

Bad Time For Wrestling?

Bad New Barrett did not tune in on current wrestling events

In addition to revealing the reason why he refused the offer, Stu also commented on the current wrestling product. In fact, he revealed he struggles with the lack of fans across various promotions.

“I’ve tuned in very briefly. To be honest with you, I’ve struggled with the lack of fans there. I think they’re an integral part of pro wrestling.”

A solution could be in the works for Stu though, as WWE uses a local audience for their current television tapings.

Real WWE Fans Return To TV

WWE tried to replace missing fans with performance center recruits

Bryan Alvarez made the claim today as fans attended WWE’s television taping this week. This is a significant milestone, as there have been no fans since march.

According to Alvarez, WWE is using local fans who are hyped on the WWE product. However, fans were required to sign a waiver and were not allowed to go on social media to talk about the tapings.

To thank fans for attending the event, WWE gave each of the fans a nice T-shirt. I guess it may be worth risking coronavirus for some die hard fans?

Are Fans Really The Only Problem Facing WWE?

Are fans the only issue plaguing the WWE

Fans are far from the only problem for the WWE right now, at least if you look at many social media messages from fans. It seems like once loyal fans had enough of WWE’s product, but also the scandals that follow the company since the start of the coronavirus crisis.

Here are just some of the tweets during tonight’s episode of Monday Night Raw:

In short, fans are sick of the negativity and the double standard that seems to rule across the company. And while some stay loyal to the product, others gave up on the company already.

The departure of Paul Heyman is affecting the Raw brand negatively at the moment as well. So, let’s hope WWE has a plan of action to save this mess.

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