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New Nexus Project WWE
May 5, 2021
The WWE is planning a new Nexus project, this has been revealed on social media by one of the former faction members.
Buried Nexus Member
May 3, 2021
Not shockingly, a former Nexus member claims he was buried by a huge WWE Superstar. Plus, Maria Kanellis takes time and rips her former boss.
wrestlemania main event controversy
April 14, 2021
We might have a WrestleMania main event controversy brewing, and could we finally be getting Wade Barrett returning? He teases as much…
Wade Barrett claims Big E ended his career
October 14, 2020
Former WWE superstar Wade Barrett claims this week that Big E effectively ended his career. The alleged incident happened in 2016.
Wade Barrett considers in-ring return against Drew McIntyre
October 5, 2020
Former WWE wrestler Wade Barrett is considering an in-ring return providing he faces Drew McIntyre. And there is a reason behind it!
WWE Wade Barrett Back
September 17, 2020
Former superstar Wade Barrett has signed a deal with WWE to be part of the NXT broadcast team. And the latest on Sonya Deville’s stalker.
Rey Mysterio Injury Recovery Time + Wade Barrett contract negotiations
September 2, 2020
Rey Mysterio could be out for the foreseeable future with a triceps injury. In other news, Wade Barrett is negotiating his WWE return.
WWE Wade Barrett Back
August 28, 2020
Former champion Wade Barrett returned to WWE as an announcer on NXT and it appears he is filling in for Mauro Ranallo for now.
Wade Barrett Nexus Reunion
June 16, 2020
In a recent interview, Wade Barrett revealed the reason why he refused a Nexus Reunion at WrestleMania. In other news, WWE is using fans at tapings.