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Actor Matthew McConaughey stands out among his Hollywood peers, even when it comes to parenting. He’s true to his Christian roots and he also refuses to spoil his children. In a recent interview, McConaughey emphasized that sometimes loving your children means you have to tell them no.

McConaughey isn’t giving his kids free passes. They have everything at their fingertips – but all kids need discipline and boundaries. Kids need parents to be parents rather than to be their friends. This is parenting done right!

Matthew McConaughey: Saying ‘No’ Takes More Energy Than Saying ‘Yes’

“Affluent people can give their kids everything they want, but they’re not usually going to get what they need. Loving a child is a lot harder if you really give a damn,” the Oscar Award winner said. ” ‘No’ takes a lot more energy. It’s a lot easier to say ‘yes.’ ”

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Teaching Young Children Respect

It is easier to teach a young child respect than it is to teach a 20 year old. These are lessons designed to be taught and instilled in childhood.

Ignoring this has created the trophy generation that we now see rioting and looting in order to get their way. Their temper tantrums have gotten destructive and violent. This is not how society is supposed to work. It’s imperative that parents get this right.

McConaughey and his wife Camilla have two sons – Livingston, 7, and Levi, 12 – and a daughter – Vida, 10. They take parenting seriously. McConaughey takes a balanced approach with his children.

He wants them to feel encouraged and loved but the also need to understand the “loving your kids means giving them just what they want,” while at “other times it means tough love.”

When he was asked which parent says no most of the time, McConaughey relented that his wife was likely to be more persistent on discipline.

In addition to having a traditional parenting style, Matthew and Camila Alves McConaughey don’t shy away from their faith.

They practice what they preach and they also give back to the community. And they’ve recently started a foundation called Just Keep Livin’ Foundation that is  “dedicated to empowering high school students by providing them with the tools to lead active lives and make healthy choices for a better future.”

They understand the blessings they have been given and they want to make sure their three children do as well.

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Matthew McConaughey’s Children Are His Legacy

The actor has had many roles throughout the years, but the one role he wanted most, since he was eight years old, was to be a dad. He also said he’d like more kids, but his wife’s not in agreement. Earlier this year, he told a the audience Carnegie Hall when he spoke HISTORYTalks in New York City in February.

“I’ve got a large hand in shepherding my three children up until they’re 18 and out of the house,” he said. “Yeah, see if I hold on to my words in a few years. That’s the thing I think I do most honorably is having three autonomous, conscientious, confident children.”

Matthew McConaughey is true to his Texas roots. His faith and family grounds him and he knows how fortunate he is to live in this great nation of ours!

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