WWE Getting Fans Back

Could WWE be getting fans back? The state of Florida is poised to allow that to happen. Also, we have more news on the situation involving Velveteen Dream.

WWE Getting Fans Back?

WWE has been running shows without fans for nearly two months. New guidance from Florida could mean that WWE is getting fans back soon.

Officially, the governor of Florida’s ruling covers all major sporting events-so this isn’t a case of big donations from WWE gaining them a specific and favorable ruling. The announcement has been covered by WrestlingNews.co.

The ruling would apply to any sporting event in Florida, which would include WWE and AEW, along with baseball, basketball and others. It’s worth noting that, as of this moment, only UFC and NASCAR have announced plans to resume events.

In both of those instances, no fans are going to be present for the initial round of events, in spite of the Florida announcement.

WWE Getting Fans Back

Now, the change does not mean we can or should expect to see jam-packed arenas quickly. Arenas are only going to be filled up to 25% capacity, and any fans who choose to attend will still need to adhere to strict social distancing guidelines.

Now that the door has been opened to a return of actual spectators, it will be interesting to see what WWE opts to do. On one hand, shows would likely benefit from a live crowd; on the other hand, even if they are allowed to be back, is it worth the risk?

WWE has yet to make any announcement pertaining to a decision for RAW next week, which would be the first show that could take advantage of things. 

More News On Velveteen Dream

We have more news on Velveteen Dream, and it’s not exactly looking helpful for the NXT Superstar.

You may recall that we previously reported that Dream has been accused of sending inappropriate images to minors. The allegations popped up via social media, and at the time, the person mentioned they had also spoken with the man and it sounded like Dream.

Now, an audio recording of a conversation has come to light, and it only seems to support the allegations against the former North American Champion. The clip comes to us thanks to the Wrestling Observer.

Velveteen Dream has maintained his innocence. He never denied that the photos were of him, but he insists they were stolen or otherwise shared by someone other than himself. 

While that could be true, the audio recording is a lot harder to explain away. While I am not an audio expert, it’s hard to say that the voice on the recording doesn’t at least sound like Dream.

WWE has said nothing thus far. It will be interesting to see what they do, if  anything.

As things stand as of Friday evening, Velveteen Dream is still slated for an NXT Championship match. In light of current events, WWE may decide to give Adam Cole a new challenger.

It’s entirely possible WWE allows that match to move forward, especially if they had no plans to see Dream win. If WWE had planned to make Dream the champion, those could have changed as well.

We will say that Velveteen Dream is innocent until proven guilty. However, I doubt anyone would be shocked if WWE opted to change the match until things are resolved either way.

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