Velveteen Dream Picture Scandal

We have a new scandal in WWE, and it could be bad. It’s the Velveteen Dream picture scandal, and he may have exposed himself to minors.

Velveteen Dream Picture Scandal

WWE has seen it’s share of racy picture scandals, so why not have another? Now, we have the Velveteen Dream picture scandal.


It’s being reported by multiple news outlets at this point, that the Velveteen Dream is alleged to have sent a risque photo of himself to a minor.

Dream has come out and posted to his Instagram Stories and Twitter, that he did not send a picture to a minor, and that the picture in question was sent by someone else and without his permission.

Now, the incident is being investigated. We will have to wait to find out whether this was some twisted revenge plot, or if Dream was in fact hacked.

On one hand, it’s fair to wonder if this will hurt Dream’s status within WWE. Will his position of prominence in NXT be put on hold?

Or, could he even be fired?

If, for example, the Velveteen Dream was being considered for an NXT Championship win soon, it’s fair to wonder if WWE leadership will ice those plans.

How bad could this be?

It’s one thing to have adult photos leak. It’s another thing entirely to have a report that those pictures were intentionally sent to a minor.

Perhaps most concerning is that the initial word of this, coming from a since-removed Reddit post, showed a censored picture appearing to be Dream, and also included an audio recording. That recording was allegedly between the Reddit user and Velveteen Dream.

On top of that initial user reporting the inappropriate interaction, they claim that their friends also had similar experiences with the Superstar.

Dream is, of course, innocent until proven guilty, and is professing his innocence now. However, WWE may opt to pump the breaks and let the investigation run its course.

If Dream is proven innocent, this should not be something to hold him down. WWE has several prominent Superstars who have had adult images leaked onto the Internet, and most of them are still doing fine.

Examples include Seth Rollins, Alexa Bliss and Paige. Paige probably wishes some WWE executives forgot about her exposure, however.

When Will AEW Go Live Again

The Young Bucks Twitter

WWE and Florida made some news recently, when the state allowed the company to resume live broadcasts.

Florida managed to deem WWE an essential business, and did so with a straight face. While that decision got some heat, it does mean something to other companies too.

Specifically, AEW can also take advantage, and will.

Wrestling Observer reports that AEW will indeed be returning to live shows very soon. The promotion is reportedly targeting the May 6th slot.

The organization did tape a good chunk of matches in Georgia before things were locked down. Even so, it will probably be a welcomed change to return to live shows.

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