The Big Show

The Big Show has done the WWE a huge favor, which has now been revealed. In other news, the reason why Velveteen Dream has been missing from NXT for so long may have been found!

The Big Show Returns To WWE As A Favor

WWE The Big Show

It was nice to see The Big Show make his return to the WWE last week. However, we will not be seeing him much longer if reports are to be believed. According to Wrestling Observer RadioThe Big Show made an appearance as a favor to the WWE.

With his new television series coming out, The Big Show has lots on his plate. Wrestling full-time is unlikely for him, no matter how much fans are missing him on the roster. On the flipside, it is great to see him do so well outside of the wrestling world.

As you may know already, Paul (Big Show’s real name) has some experience in the acting world. Even though it took until this year for him to get his own series, he has made numerous appearances in shows and films before. From Fighting with My Family to Thunder in Paradise, Saturday Night Live and Hollywood Squares, he is not an unknown name outside of wrestling.

We always like seeing Paul in the WWE, but we wonder if a Hall of Fame induction may be imminent for him. Even though he can still wrestle, he might be focussing on projects outside the WWE at this point. Still, we will be seeing a lot more of him whether he is wrestling or not!

Why We Haven’t Seen Velveteen Dream On NXT

Velveteen Dream has been gone from NXT for some time and fans are certainly noticing his absence. Shortly after NXT started airing on USA Network, The Dream suffered a serious injury and has not been seen since.

While not many details are known about Velveteen’s injury, Wrestling Observer Radio states that his injury is rather serious.

“I have not heard anything about him in a long time. I know the injury was pretty serious […] back injury.”

The injury suffered by Velveteen Dream could not have come at a worse time. He was one of the favorites to be called up to the main roster and his win of the North American title certainly put him in the right direction. Unfortunately, things went wrong very quickly.
With The Dream being absent from NXT, it is expected that he will remain on the NXT roster some time upon his return. Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa were called up to the main roster as well, but returned shortly afterwards due to injury.
While the injury is unfortunate, I’m not too sad about several NXT superstars remaining in NXT. I would hate to see the likes of Dream, Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa wasted on the main roster. Just look at Ricochet and EC3, who do not have the prime spot they deserve. So, maybe the injury was a blessing in disguise. Either way, we hope Velveteen heals up well and returns to the NXT fun soon.