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During the coronavirus pandemic, there is a lot of concern about health and the economy. People are scared, but Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson has a video message for those folks. It’s a message that Christians know well and will want to share with others. 

“I walk with God therefore I am never alone.”

In a quick video named “5 Minutes With Phil Robertson That Might Just Give You Chills,” the Duck Dynasty patriarch lays out in simple fashion how believing in God can help you get through these tough times.

Faith gives you hope to deal with the worst situations, including this one. 

Phil reminds us in the powerful video that life has ups and downs and our faith can help equip us to deal with troubles we experience.

He reads from the Bible as he tells viewers how God can steer them from fear.

Faith in Jesus will guide us through all our troubled times. Jesus conquered death so he certainly can deliver us through a pandemic. 

“The water comes up and the water goes down,” Phil says. “Human beings they want the sun shining everyday and a life with no storms.” 

Life isn’t like that.

During the troubled times, we have more success when we let God help us carry our burdens. We are never alone when we have God in our hearts. 

“During this coronavirus thing, I’ve seen more fear in the ungodly, way more, than from the godly,” Phil pointed out.

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Phil Robertson Tackles The Economy

Phil doesn’t agree with shutting the economy down. We can be concerned about our neighbors’ health while continuing with life.

Christians watch out for our neighbors and that will happen as the economy starts opening back up. 

We have nothing to fear if we have Jesus. He conquered death so he certainly can lead us to life everlasting.  Phil encourages us not to live our lives in fear and never sacrificing our God given rights. 

“We only live a short time. So, don’t fear plagues, pandemics, pestilence, and all that,” But as far as shutting down your work, your life, your freedom, your pursuit of happiness, don’t set that aside EVER.”

You can watch this powerful and inspiring message in the video below. 

Amen! If you have Jesus, you’re never alone and have nothing to fear – including death.

Last month, Phil said he’s “totally at peace” being in quarantine. The quiet life has given him time to focus on what is important in life. 

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