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February 20, 2023
Kathy Ireland has been a strong Christian woman for decades, and Jesus is the most important relationship in her life.
Tom Selleck Facts
October 8, 2021
The acting career of Tom Selleck, icon and mustache maven, spans decades. From playing a cowboy, private eye, and detective, he’s done it all.
Jesus Christ da Vinci
November 20, 2020
A newly discovered drawing of Jesus Christ is believed to be an unknown masterpiece by Leonardo da Vinci himself.
Phil Robertson Donald Trump prayer Duck Dynasty
November 5, 2020
“Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson took to social media on Wednesday to post a powerful prayer for President Donald Trump to be reelected. 
Sacred Heart of Jesus St. Patrick's Cathedral El Paso
September 17, 2020
The Sacred Heart of Jesus Statue was on El Paso’s St. Patrick’s Cathedral for almost 90 years. On Monday, it was toppled and beheaded.
phil robertson new show
May 19, 2020
Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson shared a powerful new video message about God, loneliness, and even the economy that he says ‘might just give you chills’.
Dolly Parton Zach Williams
April 24, 2020
Dolly Parton’s new “There Was Jesus” video with Christian artist Zach Williams has tremendous crossover appeal and is sure to be an instant fan favorite!
love of god coronavirus
April 14, 2020
An Ohio man credits prayer and the dedication of his caregivers at the Cleveland Clinic with saving his life. They showed him the love of God.
Military Jesus Candy
January 22, 2020
The military exchange AAFES will no longer sell Jesus-themed candy after a the secular organization MRFF filed a complaint.
Praying Santa Jesus
December 17, 2019
A photo of Santa Claus poignantly kneeling in prayer at a portrait of Jesus after visiting sick kids in the hospital has gone viral.
25-year-old runner Tyler Moon experienced a life-saving miracle after deciding to wear a race bib emblazoned with JESUS SAVES during a 10-mile race.
October 29, 2019
25-year-old runner Tyler Moon experienced a life-saving miracle after deciding to wear a race bib emblazoned with JESUS SAVES during a 10-mile race.
jesus painting survives church fire
October 26, 2018
Talk about miracles. The First Baptist Church in Wakefield, Massachusetts burned down Tuesday night, due to what appeared to be lightning
sadie robertson stress
July 23, 2018
Stress is one of the most impactful forces in our lives, and it doesn’t discriminate. Whether young or old, rich or poor, everyone
netflix american jesus
July 18, 2018
New Netflix series “American Jesus” will tell the tale of a 12-year-old boy who learns that he is Jesus Christ reincarnated.
jesus banned graduation speech
May 25, 2018
A college graduate who is a proud Christian got some vindication after faculty members banned her from saying Jesus’ name or referencing the Bible in her speech during her nursing pinning ceremony. 
Bieber mom faith
May 9, 2018
Recently, Justin Bieber has been actively proclaiming his belief in Jesus Christ. Now, his mom is speaking out about how Christianity was an important part of his early years. 
Katy Perry Christianity
April 5, 2018
Pop star Katy Perry was raised in a religious Christian household, but she put that behind her when she hit the big time. Now, it appears that she is making strides toward returning to Jesus.
Justin Bieber faith
April 4, 2018
We can all find redemption in Jesus Christ, no matter how hard we fall. Justin Bieber is living this message of faith and sharing it with fans this Easter.