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Miss Kay and Phil Robertson are well known from their hit reality show “Duck Dynasty.” Their Christian faith is the centerpiece of their family life. But, things weren’t always this way. In fact, this beloved couple had a rough beginning. Everything changed when Phil came to the Lord as Miss Kay explained on PureFlix.com.

“You’ve Got To Fight For Your Marriage”

Miss Kay always remembered her Grandma telling her before there were any marital problems, “You’ve got to fight for your marriage.” Her Grandma knew that every couple has trials and tribulations. But neither of them could have predicted what was to come.

Phil was abusing alcohol and cheating on Miss Kay. She thought things would get better after he finished college but things just escalated. It undeniably affected their sons who were forced to grow up quickly to protect Miss Kay. Through all of that, Miss Kay always remembered what her grandma said about fighting for your marriage.

Miss Kay Turns to God

When Miss Kay took solace in religion, Phil responded by calling her a “holy roller.” He eventually kicked her and the kids out of the house. Three months later, Phil showed up at Kay’s place of work. He was 28 years old at the time and begged for another chance. RELATED: Willie Robertson Took the Word to Chicago

“He was not the Phil I knew,” Miss Kay said about her husband who was crying and saying how much he needed his family. He promised not to drink again.

That very night, Phil met with a preacher and his journey to God began. They studied together, but Phil was still reluctant to let go and believe. He had to check out everything the preacher said. It didn’t take long though for Phil to come around. RELATED: Phil Robertson Talks About How He Found His Faith and Built an Empire

Phil Robertson’s Baptism

“I want Jesus to be the Lord of my life,” Phil said just a couple days later when they were at church. “I want to repent of all the bad stuff and I want you to baptize me.”

All the Robertson boys had tears streaming down their faces. “Momma, is the devil out of Daddy now,” Jason asked.

“Yep. Jesus Christ is in your dad,” Miss Kay continued. “That is the story of us.”

Phil understands the importance of Jesus and how Jesus can change your life. He and his children have devoted their lives to bringing others to Christ. Not only did the Robertson’s family change the day Phil accepted Jesus as his Savior, but there would be a ripple affect among thousands of people who would be brought to Jesus by Phil’s leadership and encouragement.

His granddaughter Sadie Robertson is following the same path with her husband Christian Huff.

It doesn’t matter what sordid details are in your past. Jesus will always forgive and accept you. Phil tweeted a short video about this which you can watch below.

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