Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson shares his faith and quarantine tips

“Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson gave fans a glimpse into his life in coronavirus quarantine this week. The avid outdoorsman said quarantine isn’t difficult for him at all, as self isolation is something that he has been practicing all his life. Phil Robertson is leaning into his faith during this time and has some important quarantine tips for the rest of us!

Phil Robertson Shares Quarantine Tips

As someone who has spent the majority of his life living off of Louisiana’s bayou, Robertson is now sharing some of his quarantine tips.

Robertson will dish these tips in the new 32 mini-episode series called “In the Quarantine with Phil,” which is airing on BlazeTV.

In the show, the 73-year-old Robertson family patriarch gets to share some of his best quarantine tips, including what to do if you run out of toilet paper! 

The Duck Commander himself has been actively promoting the series on his official Twitter account.


Phil Robertson Leans On His Christian Faith

Robertson explained to Fox News that his Christian faith has been essential to him finding joy in the secluded life.

“I found Jesus in the mid-’70’s,” he said. “I have been self-quarantined from the world ever since. This is the lesson I have learned since I made that decision. The world and its desires pass away but the man who does the Will of God lives forever.”

“My ambition now is to live a quiet life, mind my own business, work with my hands as God told me, so that my daily life may win the respect of outsiders so that so that I will not be dependent on anybody,” Robertson added. “Peace of mind is the rarest of commodities and I am totally at peace in my life in the quarantine.”

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His Journey In The Christian Faith

Though Christianity has been a staple of Robertson’s life for decades, his faith was not always as strong as it is now.

“Until I was 28, I didn’t have any faith,” Robertson said last year. “Here I am biblically speaking — God said I was under the control of the evil one. I didn’t know that. I was just getting high and drunk with the worst of them. … I had built a track record that was not a good one. I then realized, ‘What was I thinking? All that mischief and carrying on.’ … I came to know Jesus. I looked up one day and I said, ‘Man, I’m driven to do this. I have to do it.’”

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Robertson admitted that learning to live life as a good Christian wasn’t easy for him at the beginning. 

“At first, I’m trying to be good,” he explained. “I’m learning how to be good. My friends would come by, my old buddies, and they would say, ‘Let’s go for a ride. Drive up the road.’ I said, ‘Nah.’ My faith was being tested. … I just broke away from them. … I will say I got an unlisted phone number and I hid out the first year while I was getting on my spiritual feet. That was 44 years ago. Well, the further I have gone on my walk of faith the more faithful I have become.”

One of the most memorable moments on Phil Robertson’s faith journey came when his sister told the preacher, “If you convert my brother, he’ll convert thousands.”

You can watch Phil talk about this pivotal moment in the tweeted video below.

If anyone knows how to get through the tough times, it’s the Duck Commander, Phil Robertson!

In trying times like these, we should all be leaning on our faith to get us through it just like Phil.

Let’s all use this time in isolation to become the best Christians and neighbors that we can be.

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