Is Austin Theory Exiting

Over the past couple weeks, cracks have been showing in Zelina Vega’s new stable. Could Austin Theory be on his way out? Also, are we really going to get an Undertaker-AJ Styles part 2?

Is Austin Theory Exiting

It was not that long ago that we covered Austin Theory’s sudden arrival onto RAW, and into WrestleMania. But now, is Austin Theory exiting?

It seems as though he might be. In this case, however, we don’t mean exiting RAW.

Instead, we’ve been seeing tension growing in the faction Theory is a part of. Zelina Vega commands a stable that currently consists of Theory, Angel Garza and Andrade.

Is Austin Theory Exiting

However, based on the existing tension, the trio is about to be down to a duo. Per PWInsider, Austin Theory was never long for the group.

If you recall, Theory originally got promoted from NXT to team with Angel Garza at WrestleMania. That was due to Andrade not being medically cleared. 

Now, with Andrade healed, WWE can do something different with the faction. It appears that a breakup of sorts is coming, with Theory being the odd man out.

While Austin Theory may be getting bumped out of the group, there wasn’t any mention of whether or not he was getting completely demoted. WWE executives are said to be high on Theory.

After all, it was Paul Heyman’s interest in Theory that had the 22 year old Superstar promoted into the WrestleMania match. It would seem likely that Theory would at least stick around the main roster, even with a faction breakup.

Will We Get Styles-Undertaker II

The Undertaker and AJ Styles worked an unconventional but well-received Boneyard Match at WrestleMania in April. It is worth asking: will we get Styles-Undertaker II?

If you have been paying attention, WWE is surely laying the hints out there in a major way.

Styles only recently returned on RAW, but when given the chance to speak, he wasn’t shy about mentioning The Undertaker. Right away, most figured there was a reason behind the mention.

If you tuned in to the Money In The Bank PPV on Sunday, you would have seen Styles walk past several Undertaker props and pictures, including an “Undertaker room” with a casket.

On RAW, they showed us Styles watching a TV showing a clip of The Undertaker’s “Last Ride”, complete with AJ tossing popcorn at it.

If you haven’t picked up what has been getting laid down, it seems exceedingly likely that WWE is building toward a second Undertaker-Styles clash.

According to the Wrestling Observer, this return encounter, whenever it should happen, is likely to be a more traditional wrestling match.

Of course, whenever this one does happen, it would be the second special attraction match from WrestleMania to get a “normal” return match. Randy Orton challenged Edge to a pure wrestling match at Backlash just this past Monday.

So, it would seem that it is only a matter of when, not if, we see Styles and The Undertaker lock horns. Such a match could easily serve as a SummerSlam main event level match.