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Dean Ambrose refers to the Undertaker as A comic book character
The infamous Boneyard Match still has people talking, including former WWE superstar Dean Ambrose aka Jon Moxley. But what did he think?
Is Austin Theory Exiting
Is Austin Theory on the outs of his young faction? It seems that he is. Also, are we really getting Undertaker-Styles part two?
AJ Styles Boneyard Match
A major WWE star could be re-signing with the company for the nearby future. In other news, AJ Styles reveals his special request for the Boneyard Match.
Undertaker Talks Boneyard Match
April 8, 2020
Fans can be excited, it looks like Undertaker is keeping his new look. Also, Sunny recently made an offensive remark about the late Ashley Massaro.
New Boneyard Match Details
April 6, 2020
Now that it’s over, we have new Boneyard match details. Also, who crafted the Firefly Fun House concept that was one of the big Sunday matches?