All In The Family Archie Bunker

Many New Yorkers depend upon the subway system for daily transportation. That sea of humanity trapped in trains in tubes underground come with a lot of problems. Archie Bunker knew this all too well and the issues he described back in the 1970s remain today. 

Archie’s Pearls Of Wisdom

Archie Bunker brought us a lot of pearls of wisdom on “All In The Family.” The hardworking, blue collar character became a bit of a folk hero to a lot of Americans during the 1970s. “All in the Family” ran for nine seasons from 1971-1979. And, there were five spin-off series with some crossover: The Jeffersons, Archie Bunker’s Place, Maude, Gloria, and 704 Hauser.

Archie was old school and didn’t quite understand the fast-changing world around him. He longed for the days where people were polite and hard working.

But that’s not what you often encounter in the subway.

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Archie’s Ride On A Crowded NYC Subway

Archie Bunker had a way of telling a story that took you on a journey and ended with a lot of laughs.

That’s what happened one night when he arrived home and described his subway trip to his wife Edith. Edith didn’t quite understand some things, so his subtle cues typically fell flat.

But, we got them!

First, he told Edith about a crazy man on the train home. The man was talking to his daughter who “wasn’t there.” 

Archie wasn’t much of a sympathetic character and had very little patience with this gentleman. He just wanted to get home to dinner.

But, the real kicker comes when Archie tells Edith about another subway rider who must have eaten a lot of beans for lunch. Of course, this flew over Edith’s head and she just didn’t understand.  She’s sweet, but not the brightest crayon in the box. However, the audience sure got the inference and cracked up.

The video below is classic Archie Bunker. 

New York City Subway Crime

Archie had to take the subway regularly so he had plenty of stories to tell.

Theft has always been an issue on the New York subway. And, the “All In The Family” patriarch was not immune to this problem.

One day his lunchbox was stolen on the way to work. This left him quite hungry and extra grumpy which makes for a funny episode.

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The only place he could get a quick lunch that day was a Jewish deli, but it was closed for a holiday.

Archie really didn’t have much tolerance for his son-in-law Meathead while he was so hangry over his subway lunch theft. 

Archie hadn’t eaten since the morning and he was starving. His daughter Gloria had made dinner of “slop” as he described it and his patience ran thin as his hunger grew. 

Even if you have never ridden the New York subway, you’ll laugh at the video below!

Can’t you just hear Archie’s complaints about what’s happening right now in New York?