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Archie Bunker Perfectly Explains How Democrats Are Ruining This Country

On an episode of "All In the Family," Archie Bunker hilariously and perfectly explained how the Democrats are ruining the country.

Archie Bunker might have been a television character from the 1970s, but his wisdom still makes some sense of today’s political environment. During at least one episode of this Classic TV show, he perfectly explained how the Democrats are ruining the country.

Illogical Nature of Liberals

While the country was facing an energy crisis and Americans were asked to conserve, Archie pointed out the illogical nature of liberals. They spent a lot of effort telling us that we “needed” everything to be electrical. We had to buy every sort of gadget to make our lives easier and to jump-start the economy after the Depression. Then, suddenly, Democrats were telling us these things were no longer good and we had to stop using them! That’s liberal logic!

He blamed Edith for this mess since she voted for Democrats who were going to send us all to the poorhouse. When she mentioned that she read something relative in Reader’s Digest, Archie perfectly clapped back, “The Reader’s Digest can always put a little joy in poverty.” Isn’t that true?

You’ll likely be cheering after hearing what Archie Bunker has to say in the video below!

Family Dynamics

They don’t make television shows like “All In The Family” anymore. It showed the dynamics of a family that didn’t always agree, but they always seemed to find a way to get along. Originally, the show was supposed to make Archie sound like a fool and Meathead Mike was to be the voice of reason. But, that plan backfired as many working class blue collar Americans thought Archie made more sense than Meathead. They refused to accept Hollywood’s liberal talking points and they loved Archie!

“All In The Family” was a fun show to watch. The Bunkers worked through a lot of changes as many of us did during the 1970s. This show was definitely not politically correct and that’s why we loved it!

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