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Sometimes art reflects reality. That’s the truth for Rob Reiner who infamously played Archie Bunker’s liberal son-in-law Michael Stivic, better knows as ‘Meathead’ on “All In The Family.” These days, the actor/filmmaker is not focusing on making movies at all. He’s gone all in on politics and appears to be obsessed with the President. His hatred of Donald Trump is so intense that he’s willing to overlook credible accusations of sexual assault against his favored candidate, Democrat Joe Biden. 

Reiner’s Twitter account reflects the mindset of someone who can’t get Trump off his brain. He regularly attacks the President from the safety of his keyboard and the #NotMyPresident social media warriors lap it up. 

This morning, he referred to Trump as “the most Criminally Corrupt President in our Nation’s history,” and even challenged Trump’s mental capacity. 

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This accusation would be comical on its face. But when you realize it’s said by a very vocal supporter of Joe Biden, it becomes hysteria dripping in hypocrisy. 

How can everyone on the left – Meathead included – unflinchingly support Biden despite Tara Reade’s story? What happened to #MeToo?  

As usual, they’re willing to turn a blind eye if the story doesn’t advance their agenda. This hypocrisy is just rich.

Tara Reade’s Mother Calls Larry King

Rob Reiner’s choice for president, Joe Biden,  has a history of being confused, forgetful, and incredibly handsy. 

Even worse, the former Vice President is facing sexual harassment and assault accusations from former staffer Tara Reade. She states this happened in 1993 when Biden was a senator.

Reade’s account was corroborated by an unearthed video of her mother calling into “Larry King Live” on CNN.

The woman caller from San Luis Obispo asks the panel what a staffer can do besides going to the press if they have something to report that isn’t being heard.

She tells Larry King that her daughter was in Washington and chose not to go to the press ‘out of respect’ for the prominent Senator.

We now know this is Reade’s mother who called the show in 1993 to anonymously discuss her daughter’s situation with then-Senator Biden.

This credible accusation, even when backed up by an old video, has fallen on Reiner’s deaf ears. He is unconcerned with these claims of sexual assault as they deal with his preferred candidate.

In fact, even as Reade announced that she made a written accusation with the Senate Personnel Office against Biden in 1993, Meathead continued to tweet his support of the former Vice President who has a long-documented problem with his wandering hands and hair sniffing.

University Of Delaware Refuses To Release Or Acknowledge Reade’s 1993 Written Accusation

The University of Delaware houses Biden’s Senate records. Conveniently, they are refusing to acknowledge Reade’s claim and others until after Biden “retires from public life“. 

Meanwhile, the likes of Meathead Reiner will continue turning a blind eye to accusations made against Biden. 

While the Hollywood Left has run circles around Biden to protect him, there appears to be a little crack in that firewall thanks to Tara Reade’s allegations against him.

Alyssa Milano who had previously said all women were to be believed, was willing to turn a blind eye.

But, with the Larry King video being dragged out of the closet, even Milano is willing to reconsider her support of Joe Biden’s presidential run. 

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The future will show whether Milano is really listening or just playing for the camera.

Meanwhile Rob Reiner doesn’t appear to care at all about the accusations made against Biden. His support of Joe is steadfast and unshakable, much like his hatred of President Trump. 

This is certainly one of those times where an actor’s character seems to mirror real life.

Rob Reiner’s character once famously asked Archie Bunker why he called him Meathead. Well, it’s obvious, isn’t it? “Because you are dead from the neck up.”

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