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The WWE had some brilliant tag teams over the years, but not every team was rewarded by becoming tag team champions. So, which 10 brilliant tag teams never got crowned WWE tag team champions?

The Lucha Dragons

The Lucha Dragons Never Became Tag Team Champions

Despite being brilliant wrestlers, Kalisto and Sin Cara never received championship gold on the main roster. In 2014, they became the NXT tag team champions, but they never went anywhere on the main roster.

Unfortunately, this tag team has officially split. In fact, Sin Cara received his release from the company shortly before the mass firings on Black Wednesday. While Kalisto remains with the WWE, Sin Cara is currently on the indies under the name Cinta de Oro.

The Real Americans

The Real Americans never won championship gold

Cesaro is arguably one of the best wrestlers in the world, yet he never received his proper dues. At one point, he formed a tag team alongside Jack Swagger.

The Real Americans were a patriot tag team, which were managed by Zeb Colter. Unfortunately, they never won the tag team championships in the WWE.


Breezango never obtained tag team championship gold

Another prime example of a popular tag team that never obtained tag team championship gold is Breezango. Many of us are left wondering why.

Breezango’s gimmick was absolutely brilliant. In fact, their Fashion Police gimmick delivered some of the best tag team television in years. 

If you do not remember The Fashion Police, here is one of our favorite moments:

The Orient Express

The Orient Express

It is difficult to imagine that an iconic tag team such as The Orient Express never received any tag team gold. The team consists of Sato and Tanaka, with Mr Fuji as their unforgettable manager.

The career of The Orient Express mainly consisted of jobbing, especially against The Legion of Doom. Despite this, they were one of the first tag teams that showed how amazing a high-flying tag team could be.

It is clear now that the WWE never had any intentions of making The Orient Express a tag team to contend with. Nevertheless, the team had a lasting impact on the tag team division and tag team wrestling as a whole.

Team Rhodes Scholars

Team Rhodes Scholars never got their championship belts

Most among you will not remember Team Rhodes Scholars, even though the tag team had one of the best gimmicks around. And despite their brilliance, they never became the tag team champions.

Team Rhodes Scholars consisted of Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow. Both left the company some time ago.

Sandow was the annoying intellectual, while Rhodes played the obnoxious narcissist. Needless to say, they made quite the annoying but effective tag team.

As with other impromptu teams, the combination of Rhodes and Sandow never went anywhere. Fortunately for Rhodes, he left the company and became the posterboy for AEW.

Enzo And Cass

Enzo and Cass never obtained the championship belts

When Enzo and Cass came up from NXT, they were the most popular tag team around. Despite their popularity, they never obtained the tag team belts.

After falling short of obtained the tag team championships, Enzo and Cass were split up after a brief feud. Then, Enzo was sent to the cruiserweight division while Cass remained on the main roster.

Both men were eventually released from the WWE after a scandal. Enzo was accused of rape, while Cass was allegedly released for personal conduct issues.

The Fabulous Rougeaus

The Fabulous Rougeaus never obtained tag team gold

The Fabulous Rougeaus were two Canadians who came to the WWE as faces. While they originally obtained the WWF tag team championships from The Hart Foundation, the decision was reversed after the win. 

The Bushwackers

The Bushwackers never obtained the tag team belts

Hard to believe that a famous tag team such as The Bushwackers never achieved the pinnacle of tag team competition. Still, they were one of the most popular tag teams to date.

In the early days of their iconic career, The Bushwackers were known as “The Sheepherders” (yeah, we know!). With a career spanning over 36 years and a final appearance at 2001, they are arguably one of the most bonded tag teams around.

Despite never winning the tag team belts, The Bushwackers were inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame in 2015. They are living proof that success is not defined by the WWE tag team belts.

Cryme Tyme

Cryme Tyme never obtained tag team gold

Two talented people stuck with a bad gimmick, this is how one would describe Cryme Tyme. Despite the less than perfect gimmick given to both men, they made the best of it.

Cryme Tyme consisted of Shad and JTG, who showed their talent at every opportunity. And while becoming one of the most popular tag teams around, they never obtained tag team gold.

The interesting thing is that the tag team division was really suffering at the time when Cryme Tyme was active. While there was The Spirit Squad at the time, Cryme Tyme never received a real opportunity in the tag team division.

The Rockers

The Rockers never obtained tag team belts

When you think about a name like Shawn Michaels, you automatically think of championship wins. However, Shawn Michaels was less successful as one half of The Rockers. 

Despite the controversy surrounding the tag team, The Rockers are still considered as one of the best tag teams in the history of World Wrestling Entertainment. Unfortunately, they were surrounded by popular tag teams at the time, which meant they remained on the mid-card for most of their career.

While Shawn Michaels went on to become a multiple time singles champion, Marty Jannetty had a bit more trouble. He left the WWE multiple times, but eventually returned in 2005 to reunite with Shawn Michaels. 

Jannetty would leave the WWE again in 2009. According to Jim Ross, Jannetty could not travel outside Florida due to a court order.

Some years later in 2019, Jannetty took on the WWE in a class action lawsuit. He claimed the company concealed the risks of his traumatic brain injuries, but the case was dismissed.

Being A Tag Team In Current Day WWE

The Usos

Tag teams in current day WWE do not have an easy time either. In fact, they are constantly battling to be noticed.

World Wrestling Entertainment spent little attention on the tag team division over the past couple of years. So, any tag team able to break through is nothing other than a small miracle.

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