Ronda Rousey: "F— Fans"

Ronda Rousey: “F— These Fans”

Ronda Rousey: "F— Fans"

One of the biggest additions to the WWE was Ronda Rousey. She already had name recognition from being one of the biggest names in MMA.

Fans have not seen Rousey in over a year, when she lost at WrestleMania 35. There have been plenty of rumors about a return, but Rousey seems content at home.

During her appearance on Steve-O’s Wild Ride podcast, she unloaded on the fans. And, not in a positive way.

“At the end of the day, I was just like, ‘f— these fans,’” said Rousey. “My family loves me. They appreciate me. I want all of my energy to go into them.”

During Rousey’s one year run in WWE, she spent around 200 days on the road. That is typical for any superstar, but nothing the former UFC champion is looking to repeat.

“What am I doing it for if I’m not being able to spend my time and energy on my family, but instead spending my time and my energy on a bunch of f—ing ungrateful fans that don’t even appreciate me?,” said Rousey. “The thing is, I love performing. I love the girls. I love being out there.”

While Rousey enjoyed the shot at pro wrestling and working with other talent, it seemed to be a bit much.

As for Rousey’s future, she always has Hollywood at her door. Her MMA days are over and maybe, WWE if lucky, they can get a few more matches out of her.

“If I did all of the live shows,” said Rousey. “I was only home a day-and-a-half a week. It was just not worth it for my family because we were eliminating all of our expenses and living this lifestyle. We didn’t need it. We didn’t need the money.”

WWE Returning To Live TV

Yesterday, Vince McMahon made the decision for RAW, SmackDown, and NXT to begin airing live episodes again. This will officially start next week.

The episodes will continue to come from the WWE Performance, with no fans in attendance. Originally, the plan was to tape episodes through May 10 due the coronavirus pandemic.

The decision took many by surprise. F4WOnline is speculating a reason could involve WWE’s contracts with the USA Network and FOX.

In those TV deals, it only always for so many episodes per year to be taped. But, nobody was prepared for the world to be basically shutdown due to the coronavirus.

As for live events, all in April are canceled as is the overseas tour in May. There is no word on when those shows will resume, but it probably will not be until the summer at the earliest. 

Money in the Bank is no longer taking place in Baltimore, with the Performance Center possibly being the new location. WWE has yet to confirm a location, but they are still advertising the pay per view.

With WWE returning to a live format, that means brining in more superstars. They already have plans for keeping the Performance Center clean.

We know that RAW will feature WWE Champion Drew McIntyre and Women’s Champion Becky Lynch. As of now, no matches have been confirmed.