Edge And Randy Orton Storyline, Last Minute RAW Changes

Who is writing Edge and Randy Orton? Seems we have a trio involved in creating a main event. Also, is Vince McMahon up to his old tricks?

Edge And Randy Orton Storyline

Who Is Writing Edge
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One of the major matches for next month’s WrestleMania 36 is slated to be Randy Orton versus Edge. The Rated R Superstar returned to the WWE at this year’s Royal Rumble. It was his first action in nearly nine years. The former champion had been forced to retire due to severe neck issues.

Following his return at the Rumble, Edge addressed fans on the following RAW. During that segment, the plan for the WrestleMania match was set in motion. Randy Orton came down to seemingly greet his former tag partner. That segment ended with Orton destroying Edge. On this week’s RAW, The Viper interrupted Edge’s wife, Beth Phoenix. He attempted to explain why he did what he did, before ultimate delivering an RKO to the Hall of Famer.

So, as the program heats up, who is writing for the program? One would have to think WWE would want to utilize the best and brightest writing talents in order to maximize the potential surrounding Edge’s first WWE match since 2011.

So who is responsible?

In this instance, one of the main writing forces is none other than the evil genius himself-Paul Heyman.

While it’s been reported that Heyman is working on writing for these segments, he is not alone.

In fact, per, Heyman is getting input from both men involved in the match. Both Randy Orton and Edge are said to be very involved in providing ideas and shaping how the match is coming together.

Considering what each man has done in his respective careers, having them collaborate on what is a marquee match for WrestleMania is just smart business. Having them work in conjunction with a wrestling savant like Heyman ought to serve fans well. Knowing the level of effort going into this match makes me even more excited for it.

Last Minute RAW Changes

Every so often, we catch wind of reports that perhaps Vince McMahon is getting a little less involved in the weekly shows. For every time we hear that, however, there’s reports to the contrary. Specifically, this week’s edition of Monday Night RAW was yet another show plagued with last minute re-writes. That news comes to us via the Wrestling Observer.

The report indicates that while this week’s RAW gave us some bright spots, other segments bombed and likely due to late changes. Some bright spots included Drew McIntyre, the Tag Team Championship match and the closing Beth Phoenix-Randy Orton segment. The bombs? Most everything in between.

What is not clear is exactly why Vince McMahon felt the need to meddle, but that is what apparently happened. That ending segment shined because of Heyman and his writing partners, as mentioned earlier. It is curious that McMahon seems to undermine things, and the only reason seems to be, well, because he’s Vince.

Considering that, for the most part, Heyman has done his job well, it makes one wonder. Are there lingering issues between Heyman and The Boss? If so, could those issues lead to Heyman stepping out of his creative role and throwing RAW into turmoil again?

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