XFL Ratings Drop Heavily

XFL Ratings Drop Heavily

Vince McMahon

Week 2 of the XFL season brought with it some good news and some bad.

First the bad news. According to television ratings, numbers fell around the league, which is owned and was created by the WWE’s Vince McMahon.

In the opening week of the season, ratings hit 3.3 million viewers. That number, though, dipped down to 2.1 million on ABC for a contest between the DC Defenders and New York Guardians.

The highest rated game of the weekend came on Sunday between the Dallas Renegades and LA Wildcats, as almost 2.4 million watched on ABC. That number, compared to the same time from the previous week, was down 29 percent.

However, in good news, attendance rose. According to Ben Fischer of Sports Business Journal, attendance around the new pro football league was up almost 10 percent to 76,285 fans.

Most of that increase came courtesy a strong home opener for the Seattle Dragons. There was a 12 percent decrease in attendance from the first DC Defenders game in Washington, D.C. to the second.

The Dragons are back at home this coming Saturday.

The numbers for the XFL, though, appear to be healthier than that of the now-defunct AAF, which did not survive its first season.

Former ECW Star Spotted At AEW

News On All Elite TV Deal + Possible Name For 2nd Major Event

While he made his name in ECW, Raven also competed in the WWE, WCW and TNA.

So, could he be adding All Elite Wrestling to his resume?

The former champion was spotted in the crowd during the tag team battle royal at the recent AEW: Dynamite event in Atlanta.

There was no acknowledgment by the announcers when he was shown. However, the promotion did have some fun with him as the action spilled closer and closer to his spot in the crowd.

Also, the AEW official Twitter account released a clip that shows Raven, who was not in any of his familiar costume-like appearance.

Raven, real name Scott Levy, is now 55 years old. He resides in Atlanta, which could be the main reason for his decision to attend the event – along with catching up with several former wrestling friends.

Twice Raven held the ECW title along with four runs as the ECW tag team champion. He later went on to claim the NWA heavyweight title and the WCW light heavyweight, WCW United States and WCW tag team belts.

During his stint with the WWE, Raven held the hardcore title 27 times.

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